July 24, 2021

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Role of Physiotherapy in sports injuries

Common Sports Injuries

Some of below mentioned injuries are common:

Muscle Strain: Muscle strain or stretch muscle is one in all foremost common sports injuries that always takes place when a muscle is overstretched and tears. Muscle strains majorly affect the quadriceps, calves, quadriceps, groin, lower back and therefore shoulder. This way of injury is treated with some rest, ice compression and sports physio treatment.

Torn ACL: ACL or anterior cruciate ligament helps in maintaining the knee joints together and brings stability. A Torn ACL is very painful and restricts the flexibility to steer. The injury takes place through a right away shot to the knees, or from incorrect landing and or stopping and changing direction quickly. To locate an honest sports physiatrist therapy, just go browsing to Jayamove physio for any kind of Physiotherapy in merrylands.

Torn MCL:  It’s another sort of knee injury, which takes place when the medial collateral ligament that connects the femur to the tibia is injured. It happened when the knees are pushed sideways. Knee injury issues could be cured with help of ice compression, braces and sports physio therapy sessions.

Shin Splits: It affects the insides of lower leg or shin area and is an overuse injury and also an everyday injury issue found among runners. Athletes who have flat feet are more liable to this type of injury.

Stress Fracture: Stress fractures are another sort of overuse injury. It takes place when the muscles are not any longer able to absorb the pressure, thus leads to in a fracture. Stress fractures usually effects lower legs and feet and women athletes are more prone to such injury than men.

Plantar Fasciitis: Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament that connects heel to the front of the foot. Taking excessive amount strain and stress are the key reason behind this form of injury and is normally treated with rest, ice, non-steroids anti – inflammatory drugs and stretching exercises.

Sprained Ankle:  Ankle sprains occurs when the ligament that supports the joint gets overstretched due to incorrect stepping or stepping on an imbalance surface or because of twists & rolls. Usually ankle strains heal through RICE – rest, ice, compression and elevation. But, more extreme sort of the injury needs brace or cast for few weeks to assist in healing.

Tennis Elbow: Tennis elbow is an overuse injury that affects the tendons located on the located of the elbows. Players of Racket & cricket are mostly affected to the current kind of injury. Rest and anti-inflammatory medicine mostly help within the healing process, but, can require surgery in some severe cases.

Achilles tendonitis: Achilles tendonitis is that the inflammation of the lower back of leg just above the heel. Physical activity increases the pain and is commonly treated with some rest, ice, stretching and anti-inflammatory medicine, followed by sports physiotherapy.

Except the above mentioned sports injuries there are still several injuries that have not been discussed like Concussion, Lower back injury, Runner’s Knee and Hip Bursitis among others. In addition sport injuries issues treatment involves sports physical therapy along with proper medication to bring relief to the athletes. No doubt physiotherapy in sports injury has proven to be most useful in the fast recovery of the athletes and is one of the most reliable forms of treatment.

When You Suffer through a Sports Injury:


Rest is a painful form exercise or a movement is essential in the early injury stage. “No pain. No gain.” does not apply in most cases.  It is firmly believed – don’t do anything that reproduces your pain for the initial two or three days.  After this time, you need to get it moving or other problems will develop.

Ice or Heat

We usually recommend avoiding heat (and heat rubs) in the first 48 hours of injury issues. The heat increases bleeding, which could be detrimental if used too early. In traumatic injuries problems, such as ligament sprains, muscle tears or bruising, ice should help to overcome your pain and swelling.

The time when “heat” has come out of your injury, heat packs can be used. Heat will also help your muscles relax and reduce your pain.

How can You Minimize Injury?

Correct warm up and warm down procedures.

Protective strapping or bracing.

Correct footwear and sporting equipment.

Specific conditioning for your particular sport.

Good aerobic fitness.

Good muscle control and reactions

Why Physiotherapy is Important in Sports?     

Sports and physiotherapy go parallel, and there’s much room for cooperation between trainers, physiotherapists, and athletes. Most of sports clubs and gyms maintain a relationship with a sports physiotherapist that includes group sessions or one-on-one appointments, and for good reason. Physiotherapy is one of the top best fields for treating and helping prevent sports injuries issues.

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