October 21, 2020

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Setting Up The Wi-Fi Repeater

Ever since I moved into a three-storied building I had connectivity issues, my router wasn’t sufficient to cover the distance and I was getting dead zones inside every room, there was also a significant lag in my connection and barely any connectivity if I went downstairs. I had enough of these problems so I went ahead and bought a new wireless-n repeater.

A repeater is essentially the same as an extender but with one key difference, a repeater will only repeat the existing wifi signal whereas access point can create a new network as well as repeat the existing network signal. I wanted my wifi signal to be repeated all across my house maintaining my speed, range, and signal strength. My new repeater/extender was really built really well.

It had minimalistic design and was super easy to setup, even though I’m tech-savvy I can say that any person with minimum experience can easily set it up. Once I opened the box and examined the new repeater I had to know to find the perfect spot to place it so that I could maximize the range and avoid dead zones/ dead spots.

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Setting up my wireless-n repeater

I found a suitable place near the cupboard where I placed my repeater and plugged it into the socket and was ready to setup wireless-n wifi repeater. I then made sure that it was switched on and connected an ethernet cable to it which I then connected to my laptop. I set it up by logging into its default gateway and logging in using the username and password which were provided in the box but you can also do wireless n extender setup via WPS. To setup netgear extender via WPS you need to press the WPS button in the extender which will cause it to start blinking/flashing rapidly for about 5 seconds after which the blinking will stop and the lights will become stable if the connection was successful. I set up my extender by logging into my default gateway so I didn’t need to use the WPS button to set it up, but if the blinking didn’t stop for you then that would mean that the setup failed i.e, the wireless n extender not working. If that is the case then you need to try rebooting your extender then try setting up the extender again by following the aforementioned instructions.

Setup issues / connectivity failed

If you still find that there are connectivity issues then try rebooting both your router as well as your extender, and If you find that it didn’t solve your issue then try setting it up manually. For setting up the wireless n extender manual connect a LAN cable from your router to your extender then try rebooting it again, once the extender reboots it will automatically detect the router and establish a connection. Once the connection has been established the lights will stop blinking. To be honest, this extender has really solid performance and connectivity, It never once had any connectivity drops or disruptions.

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