July 24, 2021

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The Laptop Brand According to Their Ratings

The itechverge usually makes a periodic assessment of the leading notebook brands on the market, organizing a hanking with the best and worst. 

The criteria used to score companies are divided into 5 categories:

design, assessments; technical support and warranty; innovation and values ​​, and selections. The categories yield scores that add up to 100.

The design features are worth up to 15 points. Product evaluations give companies up to 40 points. Technical support and warranty policies are worth up to 20 points. The ability to implement innovations in the market is worth 10 points. In comparison, the category that scores values ​​and selections gives up to 15 points to brands that offer a wide range of notebooks at competitive prices.

Brand comparison chart

1. Lenovo (86 points)

For the second consecutive year, Lenovo remains on top of the podium as the best notebook maker. With products like the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, the only one to receive a five-star rating in 2017, 53% of its products scored 4 stars or more.

However, Lenovo’s technical support and warranty score have lost some points from last year so far.

2. HP (85 points)

Fourth on the 2017 list, HP jumped to the silver medal by launching notebooks like the HP Specter x360, ZBook 17, and HP Envy 13t.

3. Dell (82 points)

Scoring 18 points out of 20 in technical support and warranty, Dell took third place on the list. The brand’s highlights go to the Dell XPS 13 and Alienware 15.

4. Acer (81 points)

With a good selection of inexpensive products, Acer stood out with the launch of the Spin1 and Aspired E 15, powerful and affordable. But there was also the $ 9,000 Predator 21X, showing that the company knows how to compete in the premium market.

5. Asus (81 points)

Asus dominated launches aimed at games with the Zephyrus. She also stood out with the product range and value with the ZenBook UX331UN, the Chromebook C213S, and the ZenBook UX330UA.

6. Microsoft (77 points)

Although few, Microsoft releases are of excellent quality. The highlights were the Surface Book 2 and the Surface Laptop. You can find the top best laptop for digital art.

7. Apple (72 points)

Apple remains the same as at the top of the list. But for some time, it seems that it preferred to focus its efforts on products other than notebooks. In 2017, the company ranked fifth and is now in seventh. Only one of the company’s products received the editors’ choice, as Apple does not seem to have invested much to innovate during the year. However, Apple still stands out for its exceptional technical support.

8. Razer (70 points)

Ideal for anyone looking for a powerful gaming notebook, Razer stood out with the Razer Blade and Razer Blade Pro. However, the lack of more affordable and affordable products meant that the company’s score was not higher.

9. MSI (67 points)

With impressive launches like the MSI GT75VR Titan Pro, which comes with the best gaming laptop keyboard, MSI got 67 points – much of it due to its weak technical support.

10. Samsung (67 points)

With 67 points, South Korean also seems to be giving less and less attention to notebooks. With a few recent innovations and a limited range of products, it took tenth place due to its excellent technical support policies.

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