July 24, 2021

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The Social Impact on Web Design in Online Social Communities

Five years ago, the emergence of social networking phenomenon took place. During that period growth of a large number of social networking sites (SNS) occurred in which a lot of people have started using the net for their office task as well as for some other activities. In European context are these sites impacted by socio-economic factors? A research has been done on it at a small level. JRC IPTS has conducted a case study whose results are shown in this report. In Europe the SNS’s implications that are economic and social are explored and identified by this study. The study’s observations and conclusions are:

1.These are similar but there is a little difference – A profile, a contact’s list and social networking are combined by SNS. If we consider how users are attracted by social networking sites then we find that their purpose can be different in spite of being called as similar.

2.Social networks can be managed and maintained in new ways – The social networks have been managed and maintained by using some new ways with the help of these sites. It is possible that you have met certain people and if you want to search them on social networks then you can take the help of these sites. The professional opportunities can be augmented if the online visibility is used by extending the networks.

3.Social networks can be externalised – Network visualization in various forms has been supported by SNS. There is a lot of privacy in the diaries and address books having social network visualisations. Online social networks’ disclosure and sharing is supported by SNS. There are a lot of people on social networks. Connections of their friends as well as the way the online social networks are seen by the online users has been observed for the first time. Several issues are raised by online social networks’ visualisation. If a network has to be published then its implications can be of various types. Large networks’ users are motivated by how many types of factors? You should understand this.

4.Going to real from virtual – Social structures’ negotiation, identity redefinition and self exploration process of these sites are suggested by the users’ presentation on SNS in dynamic ways. A seemingly real self information replaces online communication association’s pseudonymity and anonymity. There are some places which are represented as the first locations for the online applications and SNS to be used by many adolescents. As per the users’ movement and interactions certain narratives are created. If the usage of SNS is increased then it helps in the emergence of private data and certain different things. A semantic difference among the real and virtual is shown to the young people.

5.For safe usage some education must be given – These technologies are benefiting the young people as well as are risky also. The identity of some of them can be declared and they can advertise themselves on these platforms. But it is not good if these sites are banned. SNS can be accessed by identifying new methods which are normally done by intelligent users on the internet. SNS’s safe usage can be shown by educational campaigns and raising some awareness. If online data has to be managed by people then they should try to understand the method of doing this.

6.If the business model is to be searched by the people – Reputation capital’s accumulation is the base for SNS’s value. If services are offered to you then there is no need to pay by the users using the SNS. But a fee for initial membership is required for dating SNS. Among the emerging models a dominant SNS business model is not present. A revenue generating and sustainable business model needs to be defined and this is the SNS’s very big challenge. Making efforts for the user’s loyalty has been tried by the SNS and email providers.

7.Policy recommendations and needs of future research – New technologies’ involvement in economic and social factors and ICTs development can be understood very easily by the SNS’s emergence. Highlighting the application’s openness, interoperability and portability is enabled in Europe for software development and innovation policy enhancement.

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