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blocked drains reading

blocked drains reading

Tips on Clearing Blocked Drains Reading

Blocked drains reading are considered as one of the most occurring plumbing issues that individuals encounter every day. It is a nasty issue and can occur at the least expected times, so it is vital that you are always prepared to deal with the one. If not immediately treated, then you are asking for calamities befall on you like the water will start leaking from your drains, and this can harm your property. If the blockage is severe that it can lead to burst pipes and the result will be more costly repairs. Below are some of the solutions that you can use to get rid off block drains. But remember to call an expert plumber to fix it is always the best solution.

Boiling Water

When you are looking for a quick fix, then first try pouring a pot of boiling water in the blocked drains. Sometimes, it is enough to loosen up the blockage or dissolve it without having a hunt for more drastic measures. You can only use this method when you have metal or ceramic pipes, as the boiling water heat will loosen the joints on PVC pipes. Remember, for the PVC pipes always use hot water of the tap and not boiling one. It will prove to be effective on grease or build-up food, but it won’t work on the solid blockages.

DIY Natural Cleaner

You can make your DIY cleaner at your own house using the everyday ingredients like baking soda and white vinegar. Simply pout the baking soda into the blocked drain and then vinegar. After that immediately cover the drain to prevent the mixture from bubbling out of the drain. The chemical reaction of the mixture will produce oxygen that will cleanse inside of the pipes, and clearing them out. To get rid of the blockage completely, you need to repeat this process a few times. Once the mixture has done its charm, then flush your pipes to remove any left residue.

blocked drains reading

Caustic Cleaner

Further, you can buy the chemical drain cleaner of any brand from your local store or supermarket. These drain cleaners have harsh chemicals that are capable of dissolving the grease, hair, residues or any other type of blockages. However, these chemical drains are harmful to the environment and should not be used excessively. This method will not be effective on solid masses like tree roots or small household items. One thing to remember is that always wear gloves when you are dealing with such harsh chemicals and flush your pipes with water afterwards to get rid of any hold-up chemicals.


A plunger can clear a blocked drain just as it may clear a clogged toilet. But make sure to cover any openings earlier than you start plunging. So you can have a strong seal. The pressure created by up and down technique can help to loosen any blockages, so your pipes work in their best condition all over again. Plunging is the most beneficial for severe blockages; however, it isn’t very effective on build-up grease and mineral deposits.

Snake And CCTV

A snake tool, or electric-powered eel tool, is suitable for more bad blockages. It has the rotating coil at the end of the cable spins that move rapidly, breaking away the blockage till it’s been cleared. Although, snakes have confined range, so the blockage needs to be near the hole of the drain so as for them to be effective. They also have the great likelihood of damaging your pipes. So it is always recommended to first try other techniques. You can buy plumbers’ snakes at the local shops, or you can hire a certified plumber to do the task for you.

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