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Tips on Safely Cleaning your Garbage Disposal - 4D Heating and Plumbing

Tips on Safely Cleaning your Garbage Disposal

Kitchen can be a real mess if you don’t have any disposal system. Kitchen garbage disposal helps you in keeping the space neat and organised. If you want the place to be super clean, you have to take certain responsibilities that will help you in giving a nice edge to your kitchen area.

So why are we here?

This post gives you a complete picture on how you can keep your garbage disposal clean. How you can help eliminate the odors that comes from remaining of food particles. This post will also help you in giving some tips on the maintenance of the garbage disposal.

How to clean your garbage disposal?

  • The first thing you need to keep in mind is to physically remove anything that has lo lodge the entire space. Large objects tend to stuck everywhere if you don’t throw them off. Remove them first and then move on to other cleaning process.

  • You need to turn off the fuse which helps in supplying power to the disposal unit. While you are cleaning make sure that it does not turn on. Use pliers to remove any big objects from under the sink. You may need a torch to see down there. Just be careful of putting your hands down the garbage disposal. If you need to put your hands down, be alert with the grinder.
  • Flushing water into the garbage disposal will help in disposing of any hard materials stuck to its surface. Squirt hot water with soap. Keep squirting until you see 2-4 inches level of water in it. Then pull the plug out and turn the garbage disposal on.

  • Don’t use cold water. It won’t work properly. The hot water will liquify any oil or greasy substance in the drain. If you flush your drain by using this method, it will work more effectively than if you run the tap. Another way is to fill the sink with hot water and detergent. The spinning motion will force the water to go down which results in removing excess of dirt. If you have found that your copper pipes have become too old and need to be replaced, contact plumber in London.
  • For the most hard substance, the best method will be to use ice cubes and salt in your garbage disposal. The ratio should be, if you are using 2 cups of ice then use 1 cup of rock salt.

  • Turn the garbage disposal on and then throw some ice cubes and salt straight into the blades. When the ice are made to grind, it also makes the blade sharper. If you mix white vinegar into ice cubes, it will help in removing any foul smells that comes from the food remainings.
  • Another way of cleaning your garbage disposal is to clean it with an old brush. The more manually you will handle, the easier it will be to clean the garbage disposal.

Keep scrubbing until you reach the satisfactory level of cleaning.

What should you do if your kitchen smells a lot?

Often times, people are more concerned with the foul smells. To get rid of that you should use citrus peels. Just use the peels of citrus fruits and it will help in giving a nice smell to your entire kitchen. The good thing about the kitchen area is, since it is in a small area, if you use a fragrance at one place, you will get the smell being circulated in the entire room.

One more ingredient is to use baking soda with vinegar. These two components are very strong in eliminating any bad smell coming from your kitchen. Bleach is again a good source of killing germs that lead to foul smell. Prefer not to use too much of bleaching agent as it will harden the surface which makes it more difficult to cut down the hard substance.

Though these tasks of maintaining your garbage disposal is easy but sometimes it doesn’t go so well. Hence, while you may struggle to find a better solution, 4D Heating and Plumbing will always be there for you when you need help!

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