October 29, 2020

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Top 10 Most Visited Picnic Spots In Mumbai, India.

Stressed out of the rapid pace of life in town? Steer clear of physical and mental burnout because of anxiety and looks at some of the best picnic areas in Mumbai. You’ll be instantly attracted to the magnificent views of those picnic spots you have likely never explored before.

1.) Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The notion of locating a national park where lands wildlife monsters can strike you is surprising, especially when you’re in Mumbai. But, there are so many things about this gorgeous town you can not have understood – and it’s about time that you find it today. 

This beautiful national park functions as a breath of fresh air from the town’s occupied ambiance and concrete walls. The park covers approximately 65 square kilometers. It’s home to some tiger refuge, tiger and lion safaris camping amenities, cottages, recreational places for children, and approximately a hundred hand-carved caves. With all the relaxing scenes and atmosphere in the park, you’ll experience how it is like to be in heaven.

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2.) Chota Kashmir

Many people today believe Chota Kashmir as a rare jewel that has served as the background for numerous Bollywood songs videos. The park seems to be concealed in the huge parklands of Aarey Milk Colony, and it’s a favorite family destination. Fantastic websites in the region comprise a small lake where you can enjoy boat rides, lotus ponds, lush gardens, and lots of tourist areas. If you would like to ride a ship in the playground, you’ll need to pay 20 rupees for each individual.

3.) Hanging Garden and Kamala Nehru Park

Seeking the ideal picnic area that doesn’t ask that you travel for extended hours? In that case, then the Hanging Garden is precisely what you’ve been on the lookout for. The backyard is full of thick and shady trees, in addition to a lookout point at which you can take a look at a romantic perspective of this Chowpatty Beach. Children will be amazed by all the giant shoes located in the backyard, and they’ll have the period of their lifetime racing each other since they move together with it. Even the Kamala Nehru Park, on the other hand, is only across the street, and it includes a rare collection of topiary creatures.

4.) Alibaug Beach

Wind up immersed with all the calm and contagious charm that character brings as you research the Alibaug Beach. It’s about one hour away from Mumbai through the ferry journey, and it functions as the favorite playground of wealthy folks in the nation. The black sand beach still has its own charm, but you might choose to go off further towards the southeast to see the beauty of traveled shores such as Khim, Nagaon, and Akshi

The beach also includes beautiful temples and adorned temples that are excellent for anybody who wants to experience a mixture of background along with a relaxing beach experience. You might even take your choice from luxury resorts where you can party the night off.

5.) Elephanta Island

Only an hour’s worth of ferry excursion from Gateway of India is the Elephanta Island. It boasts seven hand-carved caves that appear quite like the Ellora and Ajanta, and just this one is somewhat smaller. There are numerous sculptured panels at the cave, and also these depict Shiva, the god of destruction and creation, which the Hindus feel in. If you’d like a little experience, you might choose to have a wonderful stroll to Cannon Hill and also discover a fantastic picnic spot from that point.

6.) Keshav Shrusti

The magnificent picnic area at Keshav Srushti is a must-see since it comes with a stretch of 200 acres of greenery close to the Bhayander Station. This location provides several concerns you will enjoy whether you’re looking to get a picnic with friends or any time alone. Additionally, it is possible to get a wonderful village-side environment that’s also a superb place to have a picnic. Many men and women prefer to see this place for refuge in the monsoon season. What is more, Keshav Shrusti supplies a fantastic area where herbal and botanical plants flourish.

7.) Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

Located in the Sahyadri Hills, roughly 224 km from Mumbai, the Mahabaleshwar Hill Station truly is a lovely paradise in the world. This refreshing picnic area provides everything that nature fans search for in a relaxing spot to unwind and become one with nature. You might even go for overnight picnic areas or sightseeing as you research the beautiful places within this field. 

Additionally, there are amazing points of fascination in this area, such as Kate’s Point, which provides rejuvenating sights that will certainly blow you away. Mumbai Point is just another must-see section that allows you to see relaxing sunset perspectives.

8.) Matheran

Exciting waterfalls, thick woods, and undulating hills are just a few reasons people often visit Matheran. It can be a remarkable picnic place only one hour from Mumbai. It’s also among the nearest hill stations to Mumbai, and you’ll enjoy the old-style charm of this superb destination. To get the maximum from Matheran, you might choose to devote a couple of days to encounter nature walks and watch panoramic views. But you might choose to avoid visiting Matheran on weekends because the place can become really crowded.

9.) Saguna

Experience the pollution-free magnificence of Saguna that is possibly just the ideal picnic place you have been hunting for. It’s the ultimate escape for an amazing picnic with many friends or an easy day trip. Whichever you like, this beautiful farm is your very best place for a nature excursion due to its exquisite gardens, fishing areas, and picnic areas that can exceed your own expectations.

10.) Dapoli

Dapoli is famous for quite a few items like hiking paths, caves, temples, beaches, and needless, to say, picnic! Using its relaxing ambiance and cool weather, this area is surely the best place to unwind and escape the town’s stressful atmosphere. You could even check out Alphonso mangoes, which are one of the delicacies in Dapoli. Be astounded at sunset views, romp about and fly a kite, or enjoy a great picnic with your nearest and dearest.

Explore the marvels of nature, and celebrate life and love as you see these magnificent picnic areas in Mumbai. Thus, pack your picnic baskets and go off to those excellent picnic places for a really unforgettable experience.

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