July 24, 2021

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Top 8 Kitchen Organising Tips

No matter what size your kitchen is, keeping it organized can be challenging. From small appliances to pantry items like utensils, glassware – there is a lot to stow away in the kitchen. It can be difficult to figure out the storage for plastic food containers, cutting boards, food wraps and more. You need to make sure everything in the kitchen is easily accessible, while organizing and navigating with kitchen cabinets, storage space and drawers in your modular kitchen. 

Modular kitchen designs in India come with genius products that will make your kitchen look tidy, organized and accessible. Many of the products are stylish yet budget friendly! So if you want to reorganize your kitchen space without breaking the bank- let’s get you started with amazing kitchen organising tips. 

  1. Utensil Tray: Include pictures

If your drawer of utensils looks like a mess, it’s time to think about silverware organizers. The utensil tray will keep your drawer organised. Instead of dumping spoons, forks, hand blender, knife etc. in the drawer. Make it look tidy with a utensil tray that comes with compartments to kee https://furnituremama.com/pages/modular-kitchen p things organised and easy to pick. So, next time when you want to reach out for that butter knife, you don’t have to juggle- it’s right there in front of your eyes. You can also accommodate large, small and oddly shaped utensils. You’ll find these organisers on online furniture stores. 

  1. Expandable cookware organiser:

Keeping cookware in the kitchen cabinets could be challenging and messy. Modular kitchen designs are to the rescue. The cabinets come up with an expandable organizer, tailored to your kitchen space. Keep your pan, pots, lids, tray and other cookware horizontally  for that easy to pick cooking. 

  1. Chrome pull-out cabinet drawers:

Does the appliances like mixer, oxy fryer, toaster are all occupying a lot of slab space in the kitchen! Did you know? The modular kitchen has designed an easy solution to make your kitchen look organised by keeping your appliances in the pull-out drawers- making you reach your appliances handy in no time. 

  1. Over-cabinet kitchen storage Organiser:

Keeping your dish washing liquid, sponge, bottle washing brush near the sink, kind of looks tacky in the kitchen. Don’t worry there is a solution for this as well. There is an over- cabinet kitchen organiser that hangs over the inside of your kitchen cabinet door, giving you extra space to store your necessity. Use when you want and keep it back. Isn’t it a great hack to share with your friends too?

  1. Expandable cabinet shelf:

So your kitchen cabinets have a lot of space, but you need to create more to keep your containers. An expandable shelf is a great option to utilise vertical space in your cabinets. You can stack things like containers, dishes, gloves or anything for that matter, making it easier to retrieve. Just because you’re short on space doesn’t mean, you need to compromise on your favourite mugs, cute bowls and dishes. 

  1. Airtight Food storage container set:

Did you just open that half packet of pasta and kept it back with a rubber band on it? Please, stop! Invest in airtight food storage container sets instead, and store all your ration in it. They are stackable, look a lot sleeker, you can label it and see what to refill at a glance. Now isn’t this a great option! 

  1. Adjustable kitchen wrap organiser:

Everyone has aluminum foil, cling sheets, butter paper or what not to keep the food lasts. You can keep all your kitchen wraps to alumni foil to parchment papers, plastic wrap, tissue, neat and tidy with the adjustable kitchen wrap organiser. It comes with an easy to cut cutter, so you can cut based on your needs. Ths can easily stick to the wall of the kitchen, you can thus save space in the drawer to keep something else. Try this organiser to keep all of your boxes of storage wraps and bags in one place. 

  1. Buffet Caddy:

Buffet caddy is such a blessing! You can use it for a party or everyday for daily utensil storage. It’s a holder for tissues, dishes, spoons and forks with different compartments. You can conveniently store them just like that. 


Every inch of counter space in the kitchen is of prime use. So what’s stopping you! Take the initiative to max up the space with organising tips mentioned above. When you shop on online furniture stores, you would find more kitchen hacks organisers to make your kitchen look new, tidy and accessible. 

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