August 5, 2021

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Truckload carriers help save on the cost of transportation

Every day, a large quantity of cargo is hauled over the highways. These cargoes are usually filled in a semi-trailer or an intermodal container. Trucking companies that move goods in trucks take two types of loads, a full truckload (FTL) or less than a truckload (LTL). When a single customer books a truck to load it with the same cargo it is called a full truck load. This type of load is delivered to one address and therefore the truck driver makes only one stop.

Comparatively, when many customers have smaller loads, the trucking company puts it together on the same truck and such a load is called less than a truckload. The driver of LTL shipments stops several times on the route to deliver the various shipments to various consignees. He or she makes several deliveries. When you compare both types of services the full truckload service is indeed better in terms of time and safety. The cargo is delivered faster to one-stop as the driver does not have to make any other stops on the way. The sealed container riding the truck is delivered unopened. 

FTL Drivers are well trained to handle the legal documents such as the invoice, bill of lading and customs paperwork. The empty container is driven to the client site where it is loaded. The customer then hands over the legal documents and the container is sealed and then driven to its destination.  

Many importers, exporters, and manufacturers use FTL services due to the convenience it offers. Manufacturers store their raw materials in a warehouse and only pull out as much as they need for production. The trucking company can make as many picks and drops they like. Most transportation companies have the modern trucks that have the latest software for tracking. These days both shippers and consignees have more peace of mind knowing their shipments will be delivered safely and promptly. They save more on the local FTL services.

Many trucking companies have their specialties. Some specialize is hazmat materials while others have special liquid containers for beverages. If you are in the business of fresh produce you need to look for a trucking company that specializes in perishables. The trucks that carry food-grade shipments have refrigeration. This prevents the decomposition of the foodstuffs while in transit.

The general cargo is moved using ordinary trucks. Such cargo is not time-sensitive and you do not need to refrigerate it. The cost of transporting general cargo is a lot less than food products. For transporting food grade shipments it is ideal for your company to sign a contract with a transportation company that has specialized food grade trucks. This way all your shipments will be delivered to the end buyers fresh. If part of the shipment rots on the way it means loss of business. You will lose buyers quickly and lose your reputation in the market. Truckload carriers cost-effectively move your shipments. You can save on the cost of transportation if you use the shorter routes. The shipping cost for FTL is lower than LTL.

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