July 24, 2021

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Visit Taj Mahal In Early Morning To See The Secret Of Architecture

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Gaze at the sun rise above the Taj Mahal on this remarkable day trip. Head off Delhi for Agra for an exciting trip in delhi to agra by car in the early morning, and spend two beautiful hours explore the Taj Mahal and learning about the barely credible love story that inspired its construction. Visit the Agra Fort, enjoy delicious local breakfast, and shop for beautiful handicraft before you revisit to Delhi.

Here are the Exciting things to do in Agra.

Taj Mahal viewing

Visiting Taj Mahal is the most significant doings in this city. Try visiting the tombstone and minarets during sunrise or sunset to get the sight of shrine slowly changing shades as the sky changed. Must visit the museum inside Taj Mahal and see the vessel that changes color when poisonous things are added to it. There are a lot of other attractions in the museum like the original pen blueprint of jewels, Taj Mahal, and other items.

Explore Taj Mahal from Park

Mehtab Bagh was primarily a small garden. Due to floods in River Yamuna, this park became a scrap of sand. To shun damages to Taj, this park was re-established by Shah Jahan. Today, it stands as a beautiful park. If you stand near the jet fountain close to the entrance gate, you can get a beautiful view of the monument with stunning background.

Agra modes delicacies

The top delicacy to enjoy in Agra is jayfelles (toasted sandwiches), banana Lassi, Malai kofta and others there are so many of restaurants where you can enjoy these delicacies. Agra cooking is not very special than Delhi cuisine. But, the above referred items taste awesome in Agra than any other northern Indian city.

Exploring Agra Fort

Agra Fort is a red stonework fort that was built by Shah Jahan. It was preceded by Akbar. There are a lot interesting throne room, mosques, rooms and others in this fortress. The most significant spots are the room of mirrors, pearl mosque, peacock throne, gem mosque, bathing bowl any so many others. It is an exciting fort with many historic supposition and elements.


This is a fort that was built as the relaxing place for Akbar. It is situated a little away from Agra. Though it is a beautiful monument, the most significant element of this place is the garden. There are a lot of beautiful animals in this garden including peacock, monkey, deer and others. The look might be similar to Agra fort, but the calligraphy art works in this fort are incredible and unique.

Fatehput Sikri

This was a capital city that was built in Agra. Due to deficient in of water, this city was neglected and the city is still draining. You can find a lot of forts and Mahal here. I recommend you to must hire a guide in Fatehpur Sikri to learn more about this city. Delhi to Agra by car trip is the most well-liked trip package in India. Delhi one day tour package by car include so many beautiful places to visit as the Delhi is the capital of India, have so many monuments, minarets, and shopping spots. To enjoy these beautiful spots, we offer same day agra tour by car from delhi.

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