August 5, 2021

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Water Purifier – Water Filters & Purifiers / Water Purifiers For Home

Water Purifier is the essential commodity of our household to ensure pure drinking water. They must have the capacity to filter all the impurities present in the tap water you are getting. You should not take the risk of drinking contaminated water and fall sick eventually. Just like fan, light, and freeze; the water filter has become an integral part of any household.

While shopping for a water purifier, you will see there are different models and types of appliances for filtration available in the market. Different types of water purification techniques like UV, UF, RO, and many others are there. Along with that, there are several other features that will make you confused easily to make the purchase decision.

You have to understand that to select the best and the most suitable purifier within your budget, you need to consider the features only instead of look. You have to keep in mind that it will function flawlessly to fulfill all of your requirements for a home. It should adjust to the plumbing system of your house.

Water Type: 

The first thing, that you have to do before you start to look for the purifier is to check the quality of the tap water. The contamination, salts, and chemicals vary depending on the location. If you have hard water, then the scope of calcium and magnesium molecules in the water is quite high. While boiling water, check out the wall of the kettle to understand it.

While washing the clothes and utensils, you may find out the problem in lather formation and washing off them as well. If you get the water from a river or lake, then there may be no problem like that. Although there are a few water purifiers that can resolve this problem but not every appliance has the capacity.

If you get the water from the hard water source, then you must go for the best RO water purifier that is efficient to filter the molecules.


The contamination level of the water differs depending on the location. While impurities like mud and salts are common in rural areas, the industrial areas face the problem of chemical and heavy metal contamination.

Depending on the features and capabilities, the water purifiers differs the efficiency to treat water. There are a few filtrations systems that use the plain membrane to remove the pathogens. However, this feature is not effective if your water has a higher level of contamination. You may find some microorganisms in the purified water as the filter cannot detect them.

For that, you have to understand the mechanism of the water purification system to understand whether it can remove the local impurities or not.

 Water Availability:

As the water level is decreasing, the availability of water is not the same everywhere. On the other hand, there is water purification like RO that needs an abundance of water in the purification stage and 70% of total water goes as waste. So, if you have a water crisis in your area, you should go for UV or UF filtration system.


In this super-fast age, you should not waste your time with maintenance. So, you have to buy the purifier that has minimal maintenance.

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