August 5, 2021

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autowatch ghost immobiliser

autowatch ghost immobiliser

What are the benefits of an Auto-Watch Ghost Immobiliser?

Autowatch ghost immobiliser is a gem among technical innovations. Its working and benefits are apparent in its name. Auto-watch means something they watch by its own while ghost represents the invisibility of this thing. The word immobiliser is more about the mobile vehicle’s engines.

Technically this is a device for the deception of your enemies. When we talk about the enemies we are talking about those by whom we feel a threat to our vehicles. It works to make our mobile vehicles safe and secure from any outside theft threat. The ghost in the car is also safe from theft as it has no clue left for the thief. Its appearance in the car is so intelligent so that only installer and owner of the car know where it is.

Moreover, this ghost has no fobs and LED lights that make it visible to anyone. The ghost works through the random buttons in your car. Those buttons might be on steering wheel, centre console, dashboards, window buttons, or door panels. By this, you can make the working of this auto-watch ghost more secret as well shrewd. But you might be thinking that what was the purpose behind telling the buttons in the cars? How do these buttons work for their users? And what is the guarantee that this will make our car safer than before?

These queries need a bit examination as this is the matter of the liability of this innovative stuff name ‘auto-watch ghost immobiliser’. To further strengthen the conscious about this ghost immobiliser the rest of the article will highlight the working of this ghost and some other options that you might have in this. Moreover, you will also come to know about those sources from where you can have your auto-watch ghost immobiliser.

How does this Ghost work for us?

As we know about the benefits and easiness that these new technological innovations have provided to us. Same is the case with this ghost. The working of ghost immobiliser is very simple. After installing this in your mobile vehicle you will have to set a PIN code for this. And the PIN code will be the manipulation of those buttons which we have discussed before. The buttons on centre-console, dashboard etc will help you generate a code for your car.

It will work as an ATM card code for you. Unless and until you put your code in the ATM you will not get you money out. Same is the case with this, to start your car’s engine you have to put the ghost code first. For example, your code sequence maybe like 2 press of door panel button and 1 deep press for 5 seconds of steering wheel button. Unlike ATM, you can make your car disarm sequence up to 20 presses long. The other will know this code only if you tell them, there will be no chance of a guess.

Furthermore, you can also change the disarm sequence on your own. For example, if somewhat someone comes to know about your cars disarm sequence, then you will change that sequence. Through this, you can save your call. It implies that unless or until you add the sequence you can’t be able to start your car. There are some other ways to have a car’s disarm sequence as:

Remote and Mobile Ghost Immobiliser:

In addition to the car’s button disarm sequence, you may also have two other ways of controlling ghost immobiliser. One is through centre lock remote and other is through your mobile phone. In centre lock remote there are normally 3 buttons. One is to unlock the car while the second is to lock the car. The third one might be a push to start a car or for alert buzzers. You can have a car disarm sequence from these buttons as well.

For example, to immobilise your car’s engine you need to press the lock button for 3 times then lock button for 2 times and then deep press to the third button for 5 seconds. You can have several different sequences on this remote. And another way to control ghost immobiliser is through the Bluetooth of mobile and car. You will add a connecting source to your phone and will connect this to the ghost with your phone.

Remember in mobile phone ghost controller you can control the ghost within a range of 5-10 meters. So this will make you immobilization more effective and magic-like.


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