July 24, 2021

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What are the Benefits of FUE hair transplant in Pakistan?

Right into this blog guide, we will be having a quick discussion about Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) which is one of the most significant types of hair fall treatment methods.  This method is about the extraction or harvesting of the donor’s hairs right into the follicular unit hair transplant procedure. As regards the FUE hair transplant procedure is concerned, a small device or instrument is used for the sake of making a circular and small incision into the skin which is around the follicular unit.   

This unit is then later on extracted or pulled directly from a human scalp through a tinny micro scar.  This extracted follicle is then transplanted right into the recipient area.  At the end of the day, this whole process will bring a natural look.

During this whole procedure, you won’t be facing any sort of large deep cuts or any sort of stitching that is required in it. This is probably one of the simple methods of hair fall treatment in Pakistan which takes less of the time to perform and is not based on any pain.

What are the Important Benefits of FUE Hair Restoration?

One of the biggest benefits of FUE treatment is that it does not involve any sort of linear scar or visible scarring on top of the scalp.  It ensures that you get natural-looking and healthy hairs all over again.  Hence the whole treatment will be carried out without any sort of major trauma for your body. 

No severe pain is given to the human body during or even after the treatment. Local anesthesia is utilized in the treatment.  Wounds are small and they are without stitches so therefore the recovery time is also fast.  You better need to be careful about the selection of surgeon who will be performing your hair transplant treatment. Most of the times your transplant successful results will also depend on the working scenario of the surgeon!

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

What is PRP hair treatment all about?

PRP hair treatment in Pakistan is Platelet-rich plasma which is a non-surgical process used for the restoration of hairs in any of the body parts.  Injections used in PR are not at all painful.  However little pain might be part of the human body but that pain is normally treated in just a few days!

What is the difference between FUE & FUT?

Both of them are known to be surgical solutions as hair transplant treatment. Hence they both work in the same manner.

What is the cost of hair transplant in Pakistan?

Hair transplant cost would overall be based on the number of grafts.  Plus several sessions will also bring an effect on the treatment process.  Sometimes the condition of a human scalp will also decide the cost of the hair treatment.

What kind of hair products you can use after transplant?

The majority of the surgeons will recommend you to use some hair thinning or hair growth multivitamins and shampoo for better hair growth.

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