October 21, 2020

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What is Ap setup

Ap.setup is a simple and easy process to setup your extender, it can be done within a couple of minutes. It stands for Access Point (ap) setup and is used to setup access points for extending your router’s SSID throughout a large area. It is an offline page that is used to help setup and configure your extender. I know that it seems all technical but trust me. When I say that the typical inconvenience that exists. Then setting up such a device for your home or office wasn’t there with this kind of setup.

We know that there are a lot of people who find it a chore to do this kind of work. It would happily pay some third-party to come and install it. But with ap.setup it was a piece of cake to set up my extender. I myself bought this extender recently and was really satisfied. With how fast and easy the setup was, it automatically synced up my existing router settings.

Steps to setup an Access Point

To setup your access point first you would need to plug the extender into an electrical socket. You need to keep it in your desired place. Now make sure that the extender is not placed too far from the router. The wifi signal from the router is adequate enough. Then make sure that your existing router is switched on and properly connected.

To setup your access point you can either use a wired method or a wireless method. For this setup using a wired method, take the ethernet cable. Now plug it into the LAN port of the extender and connect it with your laptop. To setup using a wireless method just open any wifi enabled device and head over to http://ap.setup in your internet browser. Once the page opens type your default username and password to login to your extender’s home page.

The aforementioned method is the same for both wired and wireless types of connections. Once you enter the home page scroll down to the Internet settings and choose ap-setup extender setup. Then choose automatic detection, this option will detect your router and will connect to it automatically. Once the connection is established you can exit the page.

Connection Issues

After the connection has been established you can either customize the settings or leave them as it is. If you want to customize your settings then you can head over to the customize settings tab. Now change the settings to your desired ones. If at any point in your setup you encountered any setup issue such as ap-setup not working. Then you can head over to www.ap.setup to read the faqs. You can resolve the issue by trying out common solutions. Such as making sure that the ethernet cable is properly connected ( for wired connections). By double-checking that the extender has been placed in a suitable place where there are no dead spots i.e, places where the wifi signal cannot reach. These solutions will solve your issues as they are the most common ones.

You can also get wavlink av500 troubleshooting setup if face any issue. Just get connected with us for more details and information aboutsetup.

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