June 12, 2021

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What to Do When You Can’t Reach the Vet

There are times that something goes wrong with your pet and you simply cannot get them to the vet. If it is an emergency situation then every attempt to find a vet is imperative. If money is not an issue then check your local business listings for a vet that offers 24 hour service. Calling your regular vets office may give you a lead via their answering service to a vet that is on call.

Often though pet owners don’t have the money that it costs to obtain the services of an off hours vet. The fees for vet emergency services can be quite substantial and they usually want payment when services are rendered.

If it is an extreme emergency try contacting your local animal shelter. They often have vets on staff and one available twenty four hours. You will still have a fee but they are more likely to work out some type of payment plan, and will tend to your pet immediately.

If you suspect your pet is ill but it doesn’t seem to be an immediate emergency there are many online vet services that you can use. The information they will give you is only based on their educated opinion as they are not able to examine your pet. There are many online to choose from so find the one that suits you the best.

You will find that some online vet services require a 24 period to get back to you. Others will answer within the hour. Many of these online services have a fee that you have to pay and it will vary. If you can wait a 24hour period for the answers you need then the cost is less. If you need or want immediate answers then the cost is more.

The more information you provide the online vet the better advice you will receive. Give as much detail about your pet and what the problem is. The vet will get back to you with their opinion and will often if they can, give you some instructions to help you through the problem. They may recommend that you take your pet to your local vet as soon as possible or they may offer some solutions and then if these don’t work see your own vet.

The reputable online vet services offer a great deal of peace of mind to the pet owner. It is comforting to know that if you have concerns for your pet and no access to your own vet that there are vets online that are willing to give you the best advice they can without examining your pet.

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