June 12, 2021

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What Unforgettable Lesson I Learnt Being In Debt- Worth Processing!

As a person, I follow the motto of to believe in you, but the low time has targeted the motto very hard. It is because of multiple failures I have seen till now. Everyone in my livelihood has always projected towards the direction of success. Due to unfortunate destiny, I have always struggled to get the desirable thing for the future. It was a time where I was waiting for a miracle to happen towards the security of a better future.

There were nights where I have almost planned for the dark future where the struggle and poverty are likeable to assess the most. Besides, the early mornings were the fear of happening to all vision in reality.  To overcome all the suspicions, I needed the motivation to charge the strength to handle the hardship of the given time.

To manage the struggle of positivity, my friends were always there to help in the situation of my server and apprehensive time. With the help of fantastic ideas from one of my friend encouraged me to start the business of technology. The limited money in my account and eye towards the bright future urged to borrow money from a friend. This way, I managed to start a business that helped me to light the candle of hope.


I started with a bit scared feeling and ambiguity in my heart; it is the reason I started with slow steps. If ever anything goes then there will be less damage to repair. There is a start-up where I connected with the supply of my technical gadgets which made me gained my confidence.  I felt a great start because that helped me to stand independently. However, trouble never knocks and come.

Meanwhile, I was enjoying the work I started and climbing every step for better progress in the business. The expense of purchasing technical gadgets is vast, and the remaining covers the maintenance charges. In all such chaos, it becomes difficult to handle the journey in peace because here I forget to make savings for the repayment, the money I took it from my friends.

The Blunder It Creates

Sean and I were great friends since childhood that is why I did not give any second thought to borrow some money. It has been said that “before borrowing money from friends decide which need the most.” it is known to be the exact line because money is the poison which once spread the most desired relationships. It is because here I was going with the flow of destiny to cherish the hard work and its fruitful results.

Moving further… When I realised that Sean was angry on the concern of getting the repayment of his payment, it turns in a massive fight. On the particular day, I felt miserable that because of mismanagement of money I ruined the childhood friendship. It is one of the biggest lessons received on taking debt to realise the significant importance of it.


It breaks your heart when you lose your real friend because of misunderstanding on financial matters. However, you need to realise a fact here is that the challenges may come and go you need to keep up the spirit of work continues. With the immense breakdown, to repay the amount becomes the first promised task to complete. While managing too much work for a long time, there will be no doubt of hearing the online borrowing assistance. On the given platform, you may allow getting the debt consolidation loan with bad credit score feature.

In the given borrowing, I received the amount which I repay to Sean first and then proceeded in the qualified manner. The best thing about the source is that I received the amount on an instant decision and set the small repayment to make monthly.

This way, I managed to start spending money on my business and regained again with the slow pace.  With the incident, I share with you now as well give me the glimpse of sadness and failure of losing a precious gem, Sean.

The Take-Away

It is crucial for every individual that by whichever way you start processing about the business journey. You may always get some surprises and shocks from time to time. It is the duty of a person who stands and takes the load of business needs to be particular in dealing with a financial matter.

 It is the friend where I learnt my first lesson to be active and punctual with finance, but some people must be floating in the shallow water and finding a way out. It is always advisable to people that every step in the finance needs a smart move to make a healthy balance in the journey of living.

 If you got stuck in any such situation, then with non guarantor loans from an online source can be a great help. Therefore, it is a personal take away for the readers that if you in borrowing mode, then your priority after the business investment is to repay the loan.

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