July 29, 2021

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WhatsApp new features

What is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is a messaging platform that provides the texting, video, voice and image sending and receiving options provide and also voice and video calling services are providing. Whatsapp is own by a Facebook group that’s own by mark Mark Zuckerberg. They started WhatsApp by the only option sending text and media files. Now they are providing only many feature that we do not even know. In this article, we will talk about some features that are in the upcoming features list of WhatsApp. Let’s begin. 

WhatsApp Update: Dark Mode:

Dark Mode

The main feature for which many people are waiting is the dark mode in WhatsApp because many people want to use dark mode. It is very good for eyesight and has some classic levels. This feature is under development and it will be soon out in the market as the biggest feature for users.

Security Fingerprint Unlock        


WhatsApp is roll out its new feature for fingerprint sensors devices to open whats App from the fingerprint sensor even your device is unlocked but you need to open the WhatsApp from the fingerprint sensor which is an amazing and interesting WhatsApp Tricks.

Last Seen For Select-Few Friends

WhatsApp is soon to be launch last seen for selected friends to enable the privacy more for its users. WhatsApp is trying to achieve more privacy for its users to ensure the user sustainability with the “WhatsApp”

WhatsApp Catalog:


Catalog: This feature is enabled in WhatsApp business to list your products so that your potential customer can see and buy directly from the WhatsApp to support this feature WhatsApp also going to release WhatsApp pay for the users. In this feature, the users will be able to list the products like No Time To Die James Bond Grey Suit or even you can list multiple products in the catalog of business WhatsApp like James Bond Outfits.

Auto deletes messages:

Auto Delete

In WhatsApp group too much data stored due to which mobile memory gets fulled by unnecessary data which may result in hanging mobile phones, Due to this cause WhatsApp releasing option to delete auto massages on time-based or duration based like week >month> year.

WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp pay

WhatsApp company might possibly release payment solution for its users by which they can do international payment for merchandise and for other types of payments. Will be known as “WhatsApp Pay“ 

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