June 12, 2021

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Why it’s Vital for You to Have a Medical Insurance in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most advanced cities globally and has an accelerating ex-pat workforce level. Thus, the insurance sector in the city has also got a spur. Whether you are in Dubai for an extended stay or a short trip, you must have a Medical Insurance in Dubai.

Numerous companies offer you a customized medical plan, free consultation, and a quotation before deciding anything. You can benefit from insurance policies that include dental, maternity, inpatient and outpatient coverage, emergency evacuation, chronic conditions, emergency reunion, repatriation, and much more. Different plans will cost you differently, but you can always purchase one that is affordable for you. 

Basic medical insurance in Dubai has become a requisite for all the residents of the city. For most of the business organizations, protecting the large workforce is mandatory. Besides, Dubai has also given access to foreign players in this sector. Some of the major insurance companies operating in Dubai are BUPA, Medic Union, HSBC, Gulf Union, Allianz, and AXA. 

Here are some reasons why you need to have a medical insurance in Dubai:

  1. Preserving your finances

Dubai is an upscale city, and healthcare expenses can cost you a fortune. If you face an unfortunate event and are gravely injured, infirmary costs can drain all your money in no time. Without possessing medical insurance, you may find the hospital fees higher than when you have a cover. Health insurance also shields you from additional and unforeseen remedial costs if your injury is severe. In events of prolonged sicknesses, your cover can spare you from bankruptcy. 

  • Coverage against critical ailments

Most insurance firms render critical ailment insurance, either as an individual plan or as a rider. Such medical insurance in Dubai covers life-threatening diseases, including stroke, loss of limbs, bone marrow transplant, and kidney failure, among others. If you are diagnosed with any severe maladies from the chosen list of your insurance plan, you are entitled to receive a lump sum amount. 

  • Cashless Claim Benefit

Most of the medical insurance companies in Dubai provide a cashless claim facility. This will keep you from making any out-of-pocket payments as long as the expenses are limited to the purchased insurance policy. The hospitalization expenses are settled between the hospital and your insurer. However, it is imperative to get admitted to any of the insurer’s network of hospitals. In case the expenditures are more than the set limit, you are obligated to pay directly to the hospital. 

  • Additional protection over your employer

Since business organizations have to provide health insurance to their employees compulsorily, buying an insurance cover for yourself will be an extension to an already existing plan. Also, in some cases, the coverage given by the employer may not cover the needs of every individual. Thus, having medical insurance in Dubai will enable you to access quality health insurance and give you peace of mind.  

  • Protect those you care for

Several medical insurance providers help you secure your entire family under the same policy. Whether they are your aging parents or dependent children, having decent medical insurance in Dubai can ensure they get the best medical treatment, should anything happen to them.


No amount of wealth can restore the value of a person. Thus, having a medical insurance in Dubai affirms your security against the precariousness that comes with life. 

You have an option of numerous marketplaces to shop online health insurance, whether you are looking to buy directly from the company or via a broker. Health insurance laws in Dubai ensure that everyone is covered at a primary level, and residents can have affordable healthcare. Purchasing proper health insurance is not an extravagance but a necessity.

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