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kraft gift boxes

kraft gift boxes

Why Kraft Gift Boxes Are More Popular Than Other Types of Boxes?

Is there any special occasion coming up and you have bought a special gift to present it to someone special. However, are you wondering in which box to pack it and give it? The best recommendation would be kraft gift boxes. This type of box has varied features like functionality, sustainability, appeal, and durability. Gifts are special, and it is not just anything that should be presented in a dull way. Giving your loved one a gift packed in special gift boxes depicts your feelings of love and care. 

Kraft boxes not only protect the product but also display the product in the most attractive way. The most popular one is the brown kraft boxes because it creates outstanding and marvellous packaging, and they provide a lot of benefits for every individual. Below we are mentioning some of the vital reasons why you need to consider these boxes for any type of packaging, whether it is for product packaging or a gift.

Personalization Feature

The best thing about these custom packaging boxes is that you have the freedom to give it a more personalized look. You can make the kraft boxes with window for any size and product. You can also incorporate magnetic closure or flip open round box.

Kraft material is highly flexible when it comes to customization and can give it any shape, sizes, and colours that perfectly complement the product. Have them made in elegant designs that represent the product in the best way possible. 

Moreover, you are also free to choose the durability and quality of the box that fits your needs, such as expensive white gift boxes.

Durable & Captivating Shapes 

In the world we live, aesthetics is given more importance. Aesthetics is something that depicts the gist of the brand, person, or event. Beautiful and colourful aspects have ended blandness from our world.

The use of the die-cutting technique makes the kraft paper gift packaging more elegant and extraordinary. So if you have a jewellery gift, then do not worry, pack it in kraft jewellery boxes. The custom made magnetic enclosure boxes, window cut out boxes, flip open ones, cylindrical ones with lids or tube will perfectly fit any type of gift that cannot be packed in the regular cases. These different shapes will help in giving a different and overpowering appeal to the products.

Useful Sizes 

Packing gifts in an over-sized box is the worst thing someone can do when it comes to packaging. It will make the product most vulnerable to breaking and also gives a wrong impression on the receiver.

Get large kraft gable boxes in appealing shapes for the product that doesn’t fit perfectly in the regular ones. The same can be said for the products which are small and want custom designed sizes that perfectly fit the product, thus, giving it a more professional look. Die-cutting offers small or large gift packing kraft gift boxes to fit the accurate amount of product.

kraft gift boxes
kraft gift boxes


The kraft material is the most flexible for printing because of its certain texture and surface. Also, because of the advanced printing technology, it gives precise colours of high-quality. The printing design available for Kraft material is:

1. Foiling

2. Embossing

3. Debossing

4. Gradients

5. Textures

6. Spot UV

7. Glossing

If you want to have personalized messages or images on your gift packaging, these can also be done efficiently.

Highly Durable 

If you are worried about the shipping, then do not! Kraft packaging is highly durable and long-lasting as other options with regards to keeping the product secure from any harm for the duration of transport and weather situations like water, moisture, mildew, and excess heat if laminated in unique finishes that also enhance the quality.


The primary motive of what makes kraft the most appealing than other options is that they’re environmentally-friendly. It is the importance of the environment that the importance of sustainable materials is increasing due to the fact non-ecofriendly materials like plastic have brought about severe damage to the environment we live in.

Brown kraft boxes are made of recycled paper or different natural materials which are bio-degradable and recyclable. The technique that is used to manufacture brown packaging is free of bleaching and different chemical compounds. This reduces waste and pollution. They decompose with natural bacterial as well.

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