October 21, 2020

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Why Linkedin Is an Essential Tool to Be Used in the Ico Marketing Strategy

In an era of social media, professional networks like Linkedin have their own place in this world. Content should primarily be business-oriented for marketing your ICO. A company must create its exclusive page and promote content. It can be part of several like-minded groups for targetting interested investors. The firm must build a highly relevant network and take steps to grow it over a period. 

Many groups on Linkedin are dedicated to discussing Bitcoin’s growing clout,  the launch of new ICO’s and regulations regarding the general crypto environment. 

High-quality traffic would be received for marketing the ICO if relevant content is published and shared. Linkedin permits sharing of blogs, infographics, videos, webinars, podcasts, business presentations according to the viewing preferences of the target audience. 

 A significant amount of money must be allotted to Linkedin Ads for ICO Marketing which would place your content on top of your targeted audience’s feeds. Targeted advertisements are a huge rage on Linkedin owing to the huge range of options like text ads,  sponsored content and Inmail. Revenue can be earned through either pay per click or pay per impression. 

Linkedin Direct Ads facilitates creating paid advertising campaigns that target other professionals on Linkedin who may be interested in your product or service. It also has different ad formats for various purposes such as building brand awareness, generating leads or increasing traffic to the website. 

Similarly, Linkedin polls is a tool which will understand user’s insights about different topics and help in formulating the business strategy of the firm for marketing the ICO. 

Participate in discussions about trending topics related to ICO’s. Attend popular events and conferences featuring the leading players in the industry. Ask for recommendations from customers, former colleagues and business partners. It would help in building credibility for promoting the ICO.  

Products and services can be promoted by telling success stories and featuring testimonials from users. It also helps in effective B2B lead generation. 

Interact regularly with traders, industry experts, company owners and other important decision-makers during ICO Marketing. Building a network in Linkedin is easy when compared to other networks as it automatically complies with the guidelines issued under GDPR. 

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