July 24, 2021

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Why should Businesses develop their next iOS app using Swift 5

We all know how Apple has been successfully kept its user’s preferences and experience at the centre of its devices. But the ever-changing trends pose many challenges for IOS developers who must always try hard to deliver the same top-notch experience. The developers who keep update themselves manage to stay updated with changing trends and deliver true value to their clients. Businesses also realize the significance of apps to reach out to customers and rely on the expertise of IOS developers to transform ideas into practical native apps or hybrid apps.

For IOS app development, the biggest dilemma for the developers is which language to choose the development process. In the case of android, Java is always there that experiences frequent updates and helps in improving performance and stability regularly. And for the iPhone, there’s Swift; and it has always been gone through many changes and becoming robust by time. This year as well, two new versions have been launched: Swift 5.0 and Swift 5.1. Now it has become a game-changer in app development. Now, we are going to put its major benefits- 

1. Smaller Applications: Developers using Swift don’t need to incorporate the Swift libraries, as the libraries in the Swift have every iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS release. It helps in reducing the size of the application to a great extent.  

2. Performance of the App will be Better: You know that the bounce rate increases when an application crashes and the people also start to uninstall the app because of this poor information. Businesses simply can’t afford this, and they found the solution in Swift 5 which offers ABI stability, which helps the application perform better and enhance the performance.

3. Reduces Load Time: It works on a basic formula that the more the libraries, the more is the launch time of the app. But it can be resolved if all the libraries are included in the operating system itself. And the Swift 5 Apple has included all the libraries in the OS and this allows faster loading and delivers better customer experience

4. An Enhanced End-user Experience: The apps are always destined to offer a better end-user experience and they are quintessential for businesses to stay relevant in the competition. Apps that provide impressive services and usability to the customers are preferred more. 

So if you are a business owner, you need to understand that your customers like good quality apps with good UX. And Swift 5 exactly helps in designing apps that require less on-device memory for faster launch time. These are some significant features, but there are many others as well like module stability, string re-implementation with UTF-8 encoding, String literals now support raw text and more. This finally paves the way for good performance and efficiency.  For more info: https://mobcoder.com/contact

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