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You Can Earn the Passive Income via These 5 Methods

Earn the Passive Income: Most of the people want to earn money to full their daily needs by making extra money, most of the people know about the earn online and most of the folks don’t know about it all.

Here i am gonna discuss about the passive income methods for you, by implementing these ideas you can earn handsome amount on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

So… Let’s get started…..

1. Take care of the children of your neighbours

If you like children and know how to deal with them, this can be a good way to earn extra euros per month . Although, it is generally aimed more at young girls, I am sure that an adult could assert their experience .

One of the main advantages of babysitter is that once children sleep, you can afford to do something else: watch TV, write an article for your blog, study for your next exam.

Earn the Passive Income

There are many websites to find parents looking for a babysitter. In Spain you can use the following pages: Babysitter Spain and Kangaroo at home . In Mexico, the Nidmi website seems reliable and quite popular. No matter the country, any classified ads website can help you publish your services.

In general, nannies earn between 7 and 10 euros net per hour .

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2. Sell items or clothing that you don’t use

Open any closet in your house, and I bet that most of what you will find are things that you have not used in the last 6 months . Don’t you think it’s time to clean up and get rid of what you don’t use and it’s just there collecting dust?

Earn the Passive Income

Selling your clothes, those devices or objects that you no longer use , is a good way to get a few extra euros.

Can be anything:

  • Furniture
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Books and CDs
  • Small appliances
  • Crockery
  • Toys that your children no longer use

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You have several options where you can sell them: street market or rakes in your city, solidarity markets; You can also sell on different websites without leaving your home:

For Spain : eBay , Vibbo , Wallapop , Kom parts (here you can barter).
For Mexico : Second Hand
For Chile : Yapo
For Dominican Republic : Corotos
For all of Latin America : Mercado Libre (available in all Latin American countries)
Meet many other pages to sell things online , available in Spain and Latin America.

For me, it is one of the best ways to earn extra money, because you can tour your home right now, look for these things that you no longer use, take one or two photos, upload them to one of these websites that I just commented on … and let’s go , in 30 minutes, it is for sale . And maybe in 2 hours you get your first sale.

And if you really can’t sell, or prefer to donate, you can also do it at: Nolotiro .

You want to know more ? In this article I tell you how and where to sell used clothes .

Do you want to publish your ad now? How good! Do not forget to read these tips to make an irresistible ad .

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3. Participate in market research

If you like to try the new products that go on the market, if you think you have a good nose and a good palate and above all you want manufacturers to take your opinion into account, you will like this.

Have you heard of consumer panels ?

Basically, they are centers that are responsible for collecting information from consumers (tastes, consumer preferences, brand perception, etc.) about a product (food, beverages, cosmetics, etc.).

The operation is simple, create your profile with information of your tastes and your shopping preferences (the more detailed the information, the more possibilities you have to participate in studies). According to your profile, they will send you invitations to studies or tastings of different products before they go on the market .

It is about giving your opinion as to taste or presentation (depending on the product) and in return you will receive cash or points that you can exchange for gift vouchers.

Earn the Passive Income

Some studies are done in the centers and others at home, you receive the samples and you have to fill in some questionnaires and / or actively participate in the advertising campaign of the product.

A page that I find very funny and that allows you to participate in market research from your own home is Nielsen . Once you have registered, they will send you a portable scanner to your home and every time you make the purchase you have to pass the products through this scanner and you will accumulate points. You can redeem points for gifts 😃.

This Nielsen campaign is very simple! Valid only for users in Spain. If you want to know more, here you can see more information .

Here you have other websites where you can register: Consumolab or Panelsilliker . These websites only accept people in Spain.

And if you want to know more, I have written two detailed articles, one is about consumer panels and another about trying free products from home .

4. Have a job

Seriously? Are you serious? … how original! … is what you’ll be thinking, isn’t it?

Earn the Passive Income

Obviously, having a job is still the most effective way to earn money . If you think that reading paid emails or doing surveys can give you the equivalent of a minimum salary, you are wrong. Only a few get it.

This is why I recommend you to have a job first. I know this thing some of you may be unemployed and have no more than this, while others probably do not have the legal age to have a job. But being salaried gives a certain financial security that cannot be neglected.

At the time of writing these lines (March 2016), the minimum inter professional salary in Spain is 655.20 euros per month in 14 payments, which is equivalent to 21.84 euros per calendar day.

How to make money with your skills?

Do you have a talent? Well, you have money then.
Yes, your talent can make you earn money. Do you have a beautiful voice, do you like to paint, do you speak several languages? Everything can be taken advantage of. 🙂In fact I give you more details in this article , but here is a preview.

5. Sing, dance, draw.

Several websites allow you to sell your services for € 5 or $ 5. Think of the phrase “For $ 5, I’m going to …” and add what you can do for that money.

Earn the Passive Income

Any ideas:

For $ 5, I’m going to sing Happy Birthday dressed as a smurf.
For $ 5, I’m going to talk to all my Facebook friends about your website.
For $ 5, I’m going to draw a cartoon for Valentine.
For $ 5, I’m going to design your company logo.
Do not worry. If your service is worth more than € 5, there are also options to add what they call the “extras”.

Fiverr is the best known website for this. It has achieved great success on the other side of the pond, and now its Spanish version contains many offers (although many of them are still in English) … and of course, it is a bit difficult to stand out among so many people offering their services. Therefore, do not hesitate to be original.

You can make money on fiverr by typing work, Here you can read about the Excellent Ways to Earn Online Money by Typing

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