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Amazon Web Services: Top Reasons Behind Its Successful Journey?

Amazon Web Services: Top Reasons Behind Its Successful Journey?

AWS refers to the Amazon Web services which mean the cloud platform offered to the customers by an e-commerce giant, Amazon.com. This section of the Amazon division offers the clients various things like huge servers, networking, storage, remote computing, security, and various other elements like email and mobile development. These cloud-based services are offered by AWS for government firms and private companies and provide them with application programming interfaces. Thus, one should always hire aws developers to get the best output.

Amazon was struggling to control, secure, and store the data of their giant e-commerce platform, and thus they decided to develop their cloud storage. And now they have become that pro in cloud services that they now offer the cloud services to other firms be it small scale or large scale. Amazon provides AWS at the most economic cost with the best productivity and is rapidly transforming the IT trade into the cloud-service era.

It supports the firms that are willing to move from physical storage to cloud services by providing all the required setup.

Two Important Domains of AWS:

  • Amazon S3 (Amazon’s Simple Storage Service)

The storage platform provided by Amazon is very flexible, very easily accessible from any of the remote locations as well, and is scalable which would not create an issue in the future.

  • Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)

The foremost requirement of starting the cloud service is having a huge setup of hardware on our premise and a regular system that is monitoring the maintenance of that complete physical setup. Thus, it becomes a costly affair for any company to switch to cloud services.

But Amazon’s EC2 services offer a system where the owner does not need to put themselves in the hassles of all the three steps- procuring, deploying, and regular maintenance of in-house hardware.

Details of AWS:

  • AWS is a cloud computing service launched by Amazon in 2006.
  • It delivers its service to all types of companies irrespective of their size, turnover, product, etc.
  • It does not just offer the storage area but also identifies and handles the security, the services offered by the computer, its proper deployment, application services, and analytics.
  • They also provide the AWS cloud training as it is important for the employees to understand what changes AWS has brought in the system and how they are going to use it so that it reaps benefit to the company.
  • Running all the sources and applications of the company at a very reasonable cost, is one of the main agendas of AWS.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become one of the most profitable units and main source of income. 2020 marked as one of the significant sales by breaking the records of doing 10 billion $ of business.
  • Some of the major competitors of AWS are Azure by Microsoft Corporation, Google cloud, etc.

How is AWS Successful?

Amazon Web services have their own 76 availability zones where their huge servers are located. And their services are divided into around 18 global regions. Now, every region has its boundary line and is independent of each other in terms of scalability, security, fault tolerance, or stability. Overall, AWS covers 245 countries including territories.

There is no exact value defined for building the storage system nor there is any estimated usage of the AWS. Here, the companies earn only what they use. The customers here just need to pay for the services they use.

AWS has been a great success because of its usefulness and how it has served its customers in the below-mentioned ways by helping them to gain benefit for their company:

  • Extremely cost-effective

Conventionally, all the companies have their respective data which keeps on increasing as they grow. Now, they must invest in building the storage area to store their data or could buy the required space on the cloud by paying a hefty amount to the service-providers.

But by using AWS, companies save a lot of money which they can invest somewhere else, and also there is freedom of usage is another major advantage.

Here, the customers have to pay as per their usage. Rest all the things are taken care of by Amazon. The price of storage, scalability, upgradation, and everything is included in the final cost the users pay.

  • Security of Data

The data of any company is one of the biggest assets which they do not want to lose at any cost. Amazon understands this very well and thus has developed a very reliable and secure platform inbuilt with technology.

All the knowledge center and services office of Amazon is provided with an additional layer of physical security. AWS implemented the best practices followed in security in the industry.

Apart from it, a dedicated team of AWS performs regular audits to ensure infrastructural security.

Overall, AWS ensures the integrity and confidentiality of the data and provides end-to-end security and privacy to the customer’s data.

AWS also has an inbuilt ability to recover the lost data in a short period.

The data centers of AWS are spaced out well in different geographical locations and that too under strict security guidelines.

Thus, AWS is not just one of the most secure service providers but also very reliable to have a long association.

  • Easy Migration

Any company that is willing to switch to cloud services but is concerned about how their data will be migrated from the existing system to the cloud storage, AWS is the best option for them.

AWS consulting partners make it very easy for the existing business to switch to well-managed cloud services with all their data.

  • Flexible enough to be scaled and adapted as per the demand

The concept of cloud storage eliminates the risk of uncertainty that any growing business faces as one cannot predict the exact number or amount of traffic.

It happens that large storages are built but the traffic is not as expected then the major part of storage becomes waste. Similarly, when the storage is less, and business grows exponentially then again there is a crisis of storage space. AWS provides an apt solution for this situation by being scalable as per the demand of the business.

Very economic migration is possible through AWS for the existing business and when the company grows with time, Aws provides with required aid in the form of resources, flexible usage, etc.

The companies or firms which have already switched to AWS will not face the dilemma of traffic pressure and risk of space unavailability.

Other than the above major reasons below are some other points that have the AWS a successful program:

  • It provides with overall less value of the ownership if compared with any private servers.
  • It helps in the rapid growth of the business.
  • It offers hybrid scalabilities and capabilities.
  • A centralized billing and management make the task easier.
  • The company does not have to invest money in building and maintaining its own data center.
  • It quickly adds and removes the capacity as the requirement of the business.


The above points conclude that although found late Amazon Web Services has now become the cash cow of Amazon. As the pricing model of AWS is so flexible and completely as per the usage so any company, be it a start-up or any Fortune 500 company, can very easily switch to AWS without bothering about the migration issues.

Majorly AWS saves a huge cost of the companies by giving them freedom from building their infrastructure and appointing a dedicated team for its maintenance. Thus, overall AWS contributes to improving the bottom line of the firm which ultimately helps them to make the profit for which they thrive for.

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