January 26, 2021

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Best Parental Control Android Phone Spying App of 2021

In early 2020, when the coronavirus was spreading, the whole environment became terrible. The WHO (World Health Organization), local health agencies, the government, and even volunteers worked hard to educate the public about the necessary SOPs. People were quarantining themselves and trying their best to keep their families safe.

There was only one group that did not understand the severity of the virus. They were children and teenagers. Parents used to get angry with their children because they played outside, hanging out with friends, making Tik Tok videos, and even eating as usual. At that time, only spying apps proof true helper for people to track their kid’s activities.

Thousands of spy software companies offered various attractive packages, but the most reliable is TheOneSpy. TOS Android phone Spy App has helped millions of people worldwide track their children remotely and control their activities inside and outside the home. Here, we’ll learn how TOS Parental Monitoring Apps for Parents proved to be worthy.

TheOneSpy Perfect Parental Control App of 2021

A wonderful monitoring tool that enables the parents to get full control over their kid’s acts. Its innovative features empowered the user to spy on any activity by activating the relevant feature.

It just takes seconds to activate any feature, then TOS works itself. TOS Android spying app tracks the data in real-time and keeps a record in the form of brief video clips. It helps the user to observe their kid’s whole day activities in less time.

How does TOS pay value to Parents?

  • It has a responsive team that resolves each parent query satisfactorily.
  • TOS functionality is user friendly.
  • Users can return the app within 14 days of purchase. This money-back guarantee policy gives the reliability sign.

TOS Advanced Tracking Tools of TOS for Children Monitoring

To alleviate your worries and give you a peaceful lifestyle, TOS’s incredible tracking tools ensure this. Let’s take a look at the various popular TOS tracking tools for parental control.

  • TOS 360 Camera Tracker

In quarantine time, as children were hanging out with friends and eating out, it enabled parents to check in on time. This feature allows you to get a direct view of the surrounding device.

  • TOS 360 Surround Listener

It enables parents to hear every sound around their children. The user can hear who their child is talking to and what topic they are talking about. It helps when children make harmful plans with their friends or try to do something dangerous.

  • Social Media Activities Tracker

Children become addicted to social applications. Commonly used social apps include TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Children spend hours on these apps, which affects not only their mental health but also their reading.

This incredible feature and its multiple tracking functions allow parents to monitor their child’s activity on each app.

  • SMS and Call Tracker

This is a very common feature, but also very useful. Usually, children use text messages or phone calls to contact their friends. This feature helps when your child uses abusive language or talks about something useless. Parents can see this on the spot and prevent their children from engaging in any harmful activity.

Compatibility of TOS Android Spying App with Different Operating Systems

TheOneSpy provides a phone spying app for all Android versions till the 11th one. Its surveillance apps conveniently run in all versions and perform tasks efficiently.

Besides that, its Android apps also go smoothly with all popular mobile brands.

To get the compatible app, visit the TOS official site. Tell them about your kid’s device brand name and Android version. In this way, you can get the hassle-free service and enjoy the tracking immediately.


If you are a guardian of a growing child or parent of a young child, it is a good time to keep an eye on them. But it’s not possible all day, so you can get the help of this incredible Android spying app to track your kids’ inside and outside activities in real-time. By evaluating TOS 2020 performance, this is the top-recommended Android phone spy app on our list.

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