April 23, 2021

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Certified Inspectors in South Western Illinois

While residing in Collinsville IL, it is important for us to get a home inspection done regularly in order to be sure about the present condition of our house because it is better to be safe than sorry as the damage caused by issues residing inside our house in front of our naked eyes hold far more importance than we actually credit them to. Hawley Home Inspection services provides the best Home inspector Collinsville IL has to offer which ensures that there are no problems present inside your house that will affect the health of your family or cause such structural damage that will cost a lot in the coming future. One of the very costly structural damage is the one caused by wood destroying insects because as we know, the major structure of the house is made of wood and once infested, it is really hard and costly to repair the whole damage caused by such insects because of the discomfort and the loss it causes. Hawley Home Inspection Services also provide the best Termite inspection Collinsville has inside town and one of the plus points of the company is that with all these amazing services, they provide a 90-day termite warranty included with every home inspection. While people often need to understand the problem before moving on to the solution, let us have a brief look at the whole scenario. Did you know that homeowners across the country spend around five billion each year on termite control and the damage caused by them? Termite prevention is relatively inexpensive but prevention can only be done once the owner of the house has conducted a proper home inspection of the place before taking a further step. Termite inspection is recommended in all state of America but it is not very important in coldest states so if you are living in a place where temperature is moderate even for a short amount of the year, you house could be infested too and you need to get a home inspection done as soon as possible. Many pest control companies provide free wood destroying insects inspection. Especially in the area of Collinsville, the home inspectors look for infestations caused by subterranean termites, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants. The treatments for these pests are relatively very inexpensive as compared to the damage they cause once they are comfortable in the ecosystem of the house and no one is paying keen attention to the signs they leave about their presence inside a house. There can be many indications that depict that you should get a home inspection done as soon as possible to get rid of them. Let’s talk about the carpenter bees first. They drill into the exterior wooden surfaces of the house such as soffits, facia, wood siding, and decks.  These bees make a hole of about 3/8 to 1/2 inches in diameter and lay their eggs there.  The initial hole is only the beginning as we are not aware of what is coming next. Woodpeckers will hunt for the bee larvae and cause additional damage to the structure of the house . Carpenter bees can sometimes be controlled by using traps but a professional pest control company with certified inspectors is usually required to get rid of the problem completely. They will come and fix the problem in no time. The second problem is carpenter ants as they also live in the framing of the house. They do not eat the wood but make tunnels inside to make way for them or even use these places as their nest which results in increasing the number of carpenter ants. Their infestation can easily be tracked by deposits of trash which consists of sawdust and insect parts and this problem can also only be eradicated with the help of professionals as to get rid of them, we may destroy the framing structure more. Now coming on to the major problem which is subterranean termites. They cause major structural damage as when the time comes for them to show symptoms that they are present inside our house, they have done enough destruction till then. They usually require moisture in order to build tunnels so they can go in the search for food. Their nests may be 10 to 12 feet underground and located as far away as 100 feet from our home so this means that they hold the ground and it is nearly impossible to get rid of them on our own. If you find any of the signs that such insects are present inside your house, get help from a professional soon and keep getting it regularly in order to stay safe from spending a good fortune on the repairs of the greater damage caused if neglected.









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