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How Custom Rigid Boxes Can Make a Difference

How Custom Rigid Boxes Can Make a Difference

How Custom Rigid Boxes Can Make a Difference

Custom Rigid boxes also referred to as setup boxes. These boxes are often four times stronger than normal cardboard boxes making them much more durable. The items usually associated with this rigid packaging are either very delicate or are considered extremely luxurious. They can be used for different packaging requirements including flower packaging, confectionary packaging, wedding packaging, and even wine packaging.

Candle’s Packaging Boxes

Candles are one of the most popular packaging items used with these boxes and there are two main types of packaging used, the loose form or the hard cover. These are often custom made to create the perfect package that is both beautiful and functional. One of the most common uses is for weddings as they come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes to provide the perfect package for the bride. The shape and size need to fit the actual candle so it is essential that you contact your suppliers before making a purchase. Many suppliers offer bespoke packaging for large orders as well.

Use of Custom Rigid Boxes

Another common use of Custom Rigid Boxes is for confectionery packaging as they can easily be cut into individual boxes or as multiple smaller boxes. There are also custom rigid boxes available for confectionery that can be used as fillers between each individual box. These are excellent for businesses that specialize in confectionery as the individual boxes can then be re-closed with their own little bows and ribbons tied around the outside. Custom packaging also enables the company to have a range of different packaging available rather than being limited to a single type of packaging.

Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts are often packaged in custom rigid boxes as well as gift baskets. If you want to give something that is slightly more special then you could think about getting your present customized. This would enable you to provide the recipients with a present that they will treasure. The best thing to do when thinking about this would be to find a company that specializes in this sort of packaging and then get in contact with them so that you can give them an idea of what you have in mind.

One area that many companies may forget about when it comes to using custom rigid boxes is printing. Printing on cardboard is not too difficult but it does need some specialist skills to get right so if you are not confident you should consider getting someone else in to do this job. You can choose from a range of different printing techniques. Many companies will use either a self-adhesive printing or inkjet printing. Inkjet printing is very cost effective although you will have to bear in mind that the color you print on the box will appear on the packaging material.

Gray Board-white Back-printing Technique

Something that you might like to try is a gray board-white back-printing technique. This is a relatively new technique that has been developed specifically for the printing of custom rigid boxes. By using a sheet of transparent, translucent, photo paper you can create a very striking effect. The technique works by using thin sheets of plastic or glass placed on a gray board and then gluing the photo paper directly onto the top of this material. The photos are then printed directly onto the box using a specialized laser printer.

Using Custom Rigid Boxes in your Business

When it comes to using custom rigid boxes in your business, packaging is an important factor. You will be able to make a long-lasting impression when you use boxes that are of a high quality and which will provide the customer with a complete experience. By using these boxes you will be able to create a lasting name for yourself and you will have done a great job as a supplier as well. You will find that customers will remember the company that they buy from and this could lead to future business. By ensuring that you are able to make an impact on your customers through the packaging of your products you will build up a positive reputation that will last for a long time.

Uses for Custom Rigid Boxes

There are many uses for custom rigid boxes; you can use them to package chocolates, sweets, cakes, and other foodstuffs. These items can be stored better if they are put into these wonderful boxes as compared to traditional packaging methods such as tins and cartons. You will find that buying these boxes from leading suppliers online is the best way to get hold of quality boxes at an affordable price.

These suppliers can offer a wide range of boxes to choose from. so there will be something suitable for almost every budget. By choosing to use folding cartons when packaging food. you will be able to protect them from damage whilst still providing a way for people to store and eat these items. Folding cartons are made from strong, flexible, and lightweight materials making them ideal for food packaging.

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