April 23, 2021

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How To Enrich Uranium

I worked in a uranium enrichment plant for several years. We are capable of enriching uranium to us – put some theatrical stage and art on the wall between the gas diffusion even playing classical music in the building, converters. We have considered it out of the museum, but decided not to due to security reasons. Nevertheless, we felt that the uranium-rich experience for our efforts.

You wonder about the wooranyumga amplify the U-235 concentration of the important points to keep the chain reaction that can – but that power can not be quite what you were looking for.

Since U-235 and U-238 uranium is all we can may not be chemically separated plutonium extracted from spent nuclear fuel. Instead, we should take advantage of the fact that about 1% lighter than U-235 U-238. This is a “handle” that we can use to separate the two isotopes.

So – some of the methods used in the past, here are the following:

Electromagnetic separation-accelerating the high-speed uranium ions and passes his path through the refractive magnetic field; Heavier U-238 atoms, “corner” more willing neurigegwa slightly lighter U-235 atoms will be seven different collector Cup

Uranium 92 94 plutonium proton-proton: The main difference is the atomic number.

Both full of uranium isotopes they still have a half-life that exists on Earth in the form of our planet 4.5 billion years ago. Uranium 235 has a half-life of 0.7 billion years, and has a half-life of 4.5 billion years for uranium-238. So there still remains here, about half of the approximately 10% of the original U-235 and U-238 is here. There is enough to be mined.

The long life of plutonium isotopes, so it is less than 1% of the remaining half-life of 0.07 billion years; No other isotopes. Atmospheric testing by the current global pollution, as well as trace Plutonium in the natural nuclear reactor.

Since more radioactive half-life of plutonium difference. Inversely proportional to the radioactive half-life.

Generate plutonium 239, cleavage is easy more neutrons per fission than uranium-235, and has a little delayed neutron fraction. So, plutonium-239 to create a better reactor fuel and nuclear weapons.

Finally, the uranium has a name, this little write more plutonium.

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