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How To Make A Beautiful Company Logo?

A logo, or logotype, is a visual (image or text) representing a company. A logo must be attractive and above all consistent with the spirit and image of the brand and / or the company.
There are several solutions for designing an effective and attractive logo. Whether you hire a professional or decide to do it yourself, your logo should be a success. This will be the flagship element of your communication, which will allow you to make an impression and stand out from your competitors.

Creating a logo for your company: which professional to choose?

Whether you go through a freelance graphic designer or a visual communication agency, the important point is the relationship of trust that will be established between you. The professional must know how to listen to you and understand your expectations in order to arrive at a unique and personalized proposal.

Refuse any attempt to sell you “off the shelf” logos.

The professional will have to take the time to discuss your company, your values, and your message: it is these different elements that will have to show through your visual identity, of which the logo is part.
The aesthetic aspect being essential, do not hesitate to consult the portfolio of achievements of the professionals in question.
Finally, compare and ask for quotes to get a precise idea of ​​the prices and any additional services (creation of your visual identity, your business cards, your flyers, etc.).

Make a beautiful logo: how much does it cost?

The financial aspect is very often a brake in the process of designing a company logo. But you have to measure the major impact of this element of communication on your future activity.
Keep in mind that your logo will appear on all your media, from your business cards to your letterhead, including your website. It will be at the heart of your corporate identity.
Having a logo made can have a higher or lower cost. The price for making a logo alone can vary between € 70 and over € 1,000, with an average price around 500$ for a small business.

Prices may vary depending on:

    the experience of the graphic designer
    of its notoriety
    its geographical location
    services included or not in the offer
    And let’s not be afraid of words: the seriousness of the service

As a general rule, the price includes a briefing to define your project, 3 creative axes which will be offered to you to choose from, and up to 3 retouching.
If you do not have sufficient budget, interim or alternative solutions may be considered.

Can we create a logo for free?

The answer is yes. It is totally possible to create a logo for free with basic software and a few visual elements, but let’s be honest creating a BEAUTIFUL logo is another story. Let’s see what alternatives are available to you if you are on a budget.

Creating an online logo.

Sites such as Vista print, Canvas or Logo Company offer almost free online logo creation tools. The big downside is the limitation of creative possibilities.
It is therefore possible to embark on the creation of your own logo from graphic design software.

Make your own logo: good or bad idea?

If you don’t have an artistic flair, or if the last achievement you made dates back to your college art classes, it’s best to refrain from creating your own logo. Instead, call a professional.
On the other hand, if you have the creative spirit and the potential to learn Photoshop, Illustrator or even Gimp and Inscape (for the free software version) then get started! Be careful, however, to consider that this step can be very time-consuming for a result that is not guaranteed. A lot of knowledge will have to be acquired (mastery of the software, typographic and chromatic rules, etc.), but fortunately there are many tutorials online to help you create a beautiful logo.

Here are some success factors for a beautiful logo:

    be unique
    be consistent with yourself and the identity of your company
    avoid Deja
    bet on simplicity
    think about color psychology
    convey emotions through your typography choices
    Plan several versions according to the supports (colors, sizes)
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