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How To Use NewsJacking For SEO

Newsjacking for SEO is an extremely successful tactic, and it can dramatically boost your website’s search engine rankings. How? Well, let’s say that you have two websites. One about mortgage loans and the other about furniture.

Both of these websites get thousands of visitors a day. However, it would be much more sensible to focus on one of them, say, mortgage-loans, and to just write about newsworthy items pertaining to this topic. The same strategy could be applied to news headlines. You could write about mortgage-loan-related news in the home page and then link to the main site and from there to the other, named website.

Of course, we are talking about newsjacking for SEO here, so you might want to do a bit more than this. You should write about news that will interest visitors to both of your websites, but also news that may be of interest to search engines. If you have a blog, you could get news headlines embedded into your blog posts, or you can write short news reports and submit them to a number of different article directories. Search engines will take note of these, and when they see relevant newsjacking for SEO in your titles, they will reward you accordingly.

If you decide to go all out with newsjacking for SEO, you could use several different types of news headlines. First of all, you could have a news headline which is simply “news”. Next, you could have a news headline that has a link to the original story. Finally, you could have a news headline with a news story that was partially plagiarized (copied) from you, or which contains information which you have taken completely out of context and presented falsely. Each of these types of news headlines could have a different, and thus slightly different, effect on SEO.

While it is possible to use only news headlines in newsjacking for SEO, the best way to use news in your optimization strategies is to combine them all. A good way to think about it is to think about what would happen if you wrote all the articles you were going to write about yourself. Would you bother to make sure that they included some good news? You might be surprised to find that you would. And if you were working for a company, you might be surprised at how much they enjoyed reading about your work as well.

The best newsjacking for SEO method that works is writing all of your content about something that is newsworthy, but also written in a way that is completely accurate and unverified by any means other than your own research. You can find all sorts of great news stories in the newspaper. For SEO purposes, make sure that all of your content is also newsworthy. For example, if you are writing an article about new cars, make sure that you discuss both the good and bad points of the car. But never forget to mention the manufacturer or the car company.

Your next step should be to post these newsworthy articles to news aggregators. There are many news aggregators online, such as Google News, Technorati, and Yahoo! Now is the time to start putting all of your news headlines in these news aggregators, so that anyone who wants to read the news knows exactly what you are talking about, when you are talking about your topics.

The best newsjacking for SEO technique that you can use is to submit the same news articles to several different news directories, so that not only do people get the chance to read the news articles that you have written, but they also see your links to the original news sources as well. This way, your traffic will increase dramatically, because you will have lots of people clicking on those links. But before you submit your news article, make sure that your news articles are properly tagged with both the name of your business, and the name of the original newsworthy article. Good luck, and may the force be with you!

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