April 23, 2021

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Distance Education

Is it okay to pursue a study course through Distance Education?

With the spread of infectious diseases worldwide, online lessons have spread all at once so as not to impair learning opportunities.

Generally speaking, online lessons include various methods such as on-demand type where you can watch recorded video at your own pace, the simultaneous interactive type where you can see each other’s faces and give lessons in real-time, and one-on-one or multiple types.

Distance learning is a flexible form of education where teachers and students are mainly separated in terms of time and space. Today, they are easily implemented via web-based portals and learning platforms.  Distance education and distance courses are a growing form of study and they are becoming increasingly popular. As technology improves, it becomes both easier and more efficient to study at a distance.

However, it is not a matter of course what the term distance education means. The form of it can vary markedly depending on which school and in which municipality you study and what program or course you study. The variations of a distance education include:

  • Only distance learning
  • Distance with a number of mandatory or voluntary meetings per year
  • “Flex studies”: a combination of studies on site and at a distance where you do not have to sit in on every lesson
  • Distance with digital meetings via webcam

Distance learning is a class in which one teacher who is far away from each other and a group of learners who want to take a lesson are taught in real time through a video conferencing system or a web conferencing system at a predetermined time due to unavoidable circumstances are to be established.

Distance learning is when students living in mountainous areas participate in classes at schools in urban areas through the Internet, or take classes from overseas instructors without studying abroad.

What are the benefits of distance learning?

In distance learning, by using a video conferencing system or a web conferencing system, students from an isolated small school in a mountainous area can join students from a large school in an urban area while maintaining a physical distance. You can take the same class at the same time.

Based on the same principle, it is possible for Indian students to take classes offered by overseas instructors who have a contract in advance while they are in India. If you take an overseas class, you will be able to come into contact with raw English and be taught straightforwardly about various circumstances related to local politics, society, and culture.

Also, if you use the web conferencing system, you can participate in the class personally from your smartphone or PC. Furthermore, by taking such pre-classes and training, the stress associated with studying abroad and working overseas will be reduced, and it will be easier to integrate into the local area. Another advantage of distance learning is that you can take lessons that you cannot take in your own country while saving on travel and stay costs.

There are many LPU distance education courses including BBA, MBA, BCA, MCA, M.Com, BA, MA, and many other educational courses. IvyInstitute offers a platform of distance learning where you can pursue any course from Lovely Professional University.

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