June 13, 2021

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Outdoor cooking and barbecue: with charcoal, it’s easier

In spring and summer, it is important to know how to enjoy the sun. In your spare time, why not organize a barbecue outside? However, if you want to enjoy your family and fully relax during a barbecue, you should not dwell on the preparation of the fire and cooking the food organic charcoal. Poor quality charcoal, and your relaxing day is over! To solve all this, Planet conversations offers you good lumpwood charcoal. Clean, easy to light and long lasting. The use of charcoal in cooking is easy to master. For a moderate budget, organizing a barbecue is easy with the use of organic charcoal. By its manufacture by pyrolysis, organic charcoal keeps its wood essence. Indeed, organic charcoal is not over-carbonized. It then gives its food a woody flavor, a long-lasting embers, ideal for barbecue. Planet conversations’ lumpwood organic charcoal provides up to 6 hours of cooking.

Planet conversations charcoal and its advantages

For your barbecue, you should choose charcoal that is not dusty and has a low level of fine particles. In order to reduce the ashes after combustion and especially not to get dirty and dirty barbecue food, bet on quality. To choose the right charcoal, here are some criteria to take into account:
  • Its carbon rate: a rate greater than 80% for pure charcoal.
  • Its fine rate: the lower, the better!
  • humidity level: dry products will be easier to light.
  • Its ash content: less ash for less dirt.
These criteria will make your charcoal more or less polluting, that it will offer you better embers, that it will be easy to use and that it will be more durable. Planet conversations charcoal has been designed to meet all of these criteria. Carbon content of 83%, moisture content less than 3%, ash content less than 4%, and an almost zero fine level are the characteristics of Planet conversations charcoal. Ideal for your barbecues! Direct and indirect cooking, become an expert in charcoal barbecue! To satisfy the finest palates, prepare them a barbecue worthy of the name. You can bet on different cooking methods to cook your food properly.

Direct cooking

The most popular cooking method. With just a grill and good embers, the direct cooking mode allows you to quickly sear your food. Skewers, steaks and grilled vegetables will be perfect with this cooking method.

Choose organic charcoal

Cooking is a pleasure that everyone is particularly fond of. The search for taste and flavor is a perpetual quest in humans. Thus, the choice of fuel plays an important role in this quest. Charcoal is obtained by burning dry wood depriving it of air organic charcoal and oxygen. This gives a fibrous material of wood which takes its specific form of organic charcoal. Thus, it offers a slow combustion during its use offering many cooking.

Organic charcoal: 100% natural

Making organic charcoal is simple, but requires good technique for higher quality organic charcoal. The technique consists in extracting the wood, by raising the temperature, the liquefiable fractions and gasification, leaving only the carbon and some minerals. It is in a kind of hemispherical oven that the transformation takes place: pyrolysis. Organic charcoal is only made with dry wood. Any other component cannot be mixed with the making of organic charcoal.

Compressed charcoal: long-lasting embers

Compressed organic charcoal is used more particularly for a barbecue. Meats should cook over medium and long heat to be tender and tasty thanks to the organic charcoal. Easy to light thanks to the fire starters, organic wood charcoals keep a long duration of combustion. If for domestic heating, its usefulness is less, in the supply of industrial boilers it is used.

Keep your hands clean

Organic charcoal has more advantages than disadvantages. It is a natural product that multiple functions. It is easy to light and easy to store.Ddoes not have fine dust, in fact, it fine dust that dirties and slows down combustion. With compressed organic charcoal, there are no fine dust. The charcoal sticks are hand clean and 100% of what you buy will be burnt.
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