June 13, 2021

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Turkish metal jewellery

Turkish jewelry Store in istanbul

Tips to keep in mind while buying Turkish metal jewellery

Turkish jewellery is very trending these days because of its unique design. At the same time, it is available at affordable rates because of the low cost of labour incurred to design and make them. Handmade Turkish metal jewellery is preferred by customers because of its premium quality and unique design. But it is a difficult and confusing task to buy the perfect jewellery. You need to ensure the purity of the jewellery and the authenticity of the store you are buying from. Following are some tips on how to buy Turkish jewellery.


  1. Check quality mark


Before buying Turkish jewellery online, check its purity mark. Some jewellery is made of pure metal like gold or silver while some pieces of jewellery are a mix of two or more metals to increase its strength and durability or resistance to corrosion. The type of mark will tell you the percentage of the main metal used in the making of the jewellery. You can base your decision based on how much pure metal you want in the jewellery.


  1. Check the market price


The price of metal like gold or silver changes every day. Several stores have a screen displaying the rate of metal on the current day. Make a deep analysis and try to buy the jewellery when its price is less. The price of jewellery is determined according to the market rate and the purity of the metal. Therefore, study these factors properly because buying at a low rate can prove to be a good source of investment when prices rise later in the future.


  1. Buy from reputed shops or brands only


Do not buy Turkish jewellery from a local supplier about whom you do not have any knowledge. This is because there are lots of fraudulent people who mix the metal with cheap or fake products to increase its weight and to depict the purity of the metal. Always buy from reputed and established brands and suppliers to eliminate the chance of being duped. Some stores also give you a certificate of purity of jewellery which can prove beneficial in the future if you sell the jewellery. 


  1. Type of metal


Determine the type of metal jewellery you want to purchase. It all depends on your budget, the characteristics of the metal, and your preference. Silver jewellery is not that strong and that’s why it is not preferred for regular use. Because of its softness, it is used for special occasions only. Gold is harder and expensive than silver metal. It can be worn daily without any fear of it getting distorted. Platinum is the strongest metal and also the costliest one. So, deciding the jewellery metal will depend on its durability, your budget as well as your choice.


When you are buying Turkish jewellery online, keep the above tips in mind. It is very important to consider these tips so that you purchase the jewellery that is within your budget and is according to your choice. Not only that but also determine the care that jewellery requires along with its maintenance and cleanliness. This is to ensure that your jewellery doesn’t corrode or tarnishes which will reduce its value. Therefore, get your jewellery cleaned regularly.


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