July 24, 2021

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Top 6 advantages of LinkedIn

Top 6 Benefits Of LinkedIn To Leverage In 2021

1) Getting a job   

In today’s world, it is really difficult to find a good job, especially when the job market is running under the phase of darkness.

According to the Manpower group employment outlook survey, only 13% of employers across India are planning to hire in the second quarter of 2019. This clearly means it may be difficult for people to get their dream job, especially young graduates.

But, you don’t need to worry about getting a job. I have got the perfect solution for you.

LinkedIn is the solution.

LinkedIn is a website that can help you to get your dream job.

I know you won’t believe me.

Here’s the proof.

There are approximately 20 million jobs listed on LinkedIn from various categories from corporate to an executive-level which you can easily grab. Moreover, 48% of employers regularly post jobs on LinkedIn, thereby making it easy for you to get a job.

I personally got a job in Top IT companies in Pune via LinkedIn,

2) Traffic generation   

Generating high-quality traffic on the website is the primary goal of every business, but only a few of them get high-quality traffic and others struggle with it.

Until and unless you don’t have a good amount of visitors coming to your website you won’t generate enough profits and revenue. Having a good amount of traffic on a website gives you the opportunity to get new customers, generate leads and convert them.

So, if you are into B2B business, and looking forward to generating traffic on your website, I would suggest you to start using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a goldmine of traffic for B2B businesses. According to research, 46% of social media traffic on B2B websites comes from LinkedIn.

This means by publishing or promoting your website content on LinkedIn you can easily drive traffic on your website. You can not only drive traffic, but you also covert those traffic into leads easily.

3) Connection and networking  

This is another great benefit of LinkedIn.

Currently, LinkedIn has 300 million users out of which 40% are active on a website on daily basis. LinkedIn is also trying it hard to get 3 billion users on its website.

This clearly indicates that LinkedIn can be used for professional networking and building connections. In fact, LinkedIn users are already leveraging this opportunity.

According to statista.com, 27% of LinkedIn users had 500-999 connections among them. Hence, even you can use this platform for building connections and networking.

Connection and networking can help you to get a job, attract new customers, get more projects and build strategic partnerships.

4) Content marketing

Content marketing has become more important than ever, especially in today’s online world where most of the internet audience is blocking paid ads.

Yes, paid ads are being blocked by people because they find it intrusive.

Hence, effective content marketing is the only way by which businesses can 

Build relationships, generate leads and increase customer loyalty. But, in order to leverage content marketing to the fullest, you need to integrate it with LinkedIn.

Here’s why.

94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a channel to promote and distribute their content. This is because sharing and promoting content on Linkedin gives marketers good exposure.

5) Social media marketing   

With over 300 active users across the globe and 94% B2B marketers using it distributing content, LinkedIn also becomes a great platform for social media marketing.

In fact, 92% of marketers prefer to use Linkedin as a platform for social media marketing. This clearly means Linkedin can also be used for social media marketing.

On LinkedIn, you can create buzz and engagement by sharing your blog posts, company news, industry updates and important articles. Moreover, if you publish long-form content on LinkedIn it will get maximum shares.

6) Increases sales and conversion  

Are you struggling to increase your sales and conversions?

Do you want to generate more profits for your business?

If yes, then start using LinkedIn right now.

If used properly, LinkedIn can also benefit you by increasing the sales and conversion of your business.

LinkedIn is the only social media platform where users are in the decision making position. Hence, by showing them the right content you can easily influence them to buy your product or services.

Even Hubspot says that LinkedIn is the best social media platform for increasing sales and conversion. According to their research, LinkedIn has the highest lead-to-conversion rate of 2.74%.

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