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Types of Animation

Types of Animation

We use Animation to convert different nonmoving objects to appear in motion. This process is used to draw images on the support. We can also paste the image on the frame by sketching. Afterward, graphics are added to make it motile. We can also say that we convert a 2D object into a 3D object in the animation studio by this procedure.

The development of 3D Animation occurs over time. Simple animations that are done by hand or on transparent celluloid sheets are now done digitally. They are five types of Animation:

1. 3D

It is generally termed as Computerized Generated Imaginary (CGI). The digital creation of the image characterizes it. We can use this technique for the construction of both static and dynamic images. Firstly, the computer screen shows us the object. Then we add similar photos to it in different time zones.

Finally, we construct the final skeleton after the completion of the model to construct a 3D image. It is done to show moving pictures like people in the crowd etc. It gives the world of cinematography a completely new outlook.

2. 2D Animation

We also named it a Vector. It is creating an object in the 2D world, so the thing has only length and width. We used this technique before the advancement of computer graphics. It involves the visual representation of the characters or objects in 2-dimensional space.

First, a sketch is made, then its boundary is drawn, and various colour and lighting effects care added. We can see 2D Animations everywhere on the TV screen, on every video, mobile applications, etc.

3. Celluloid Animation

It was also the traditional art of Animation. In it, the artist has to draw every picture on a particular frame. He photographed that frame at the end. With the launch of Disney, the idea of Animation gains its importance.

The artist has to be very creative and focused on portraying his ideas on the shelf. He did this by using coloured pencils, watercolours, paint, crayons, colour gels, etc. The artist must be much synchronized with his work to convert the oral description into a pictorial script.

4. Stop Motion

It is also a traditional way of Animation. In this system, we don’t use any graphics or draw anything. Instead, we have to construct the model with our hands. Then we add different frames to it to make our structure move independently. Mostly clay is used to producing these models. They present a live visual representation of our film.

5. Motion Graphics

It is done in animation studios.  We involve motile images and audio in it by using software like After Effects, etc. It also uses done through the use of heavy technology. Electronic media, like projectors, etc. displays the pictorial representation of our image.

Many companies are using Motion graphics in their advertisement. They also used it in video production, or to convey their messages. Motile images and audio effects give in-depth notice to the idea. We can find its all applications on video editing software.


I hope this article finds you best to understand the types of Animation. Keep linking with us for more!

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