July 24, 2021

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Are Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Ideal for Homeowners?

 Shaker kitchen cabinets are among the most popular cabinetry types in the world. Modern homeowners have been embracing it as a preferred choice. Does this recent trend make it ideal for homeowners? Well, this question forms the basis of the discussion below where we will look at the pros and cons before concluding with a recommendation.

What are shaker kitchen cabinets?

These are cabinetry types that have been there for quite a long time just that they have been rediscovered recently. They are characterized by their sleekness, simplicity, and versatility. They can be made using various wood types provided that their defining features are present.

The Pros

There are many reasons why shaker kitchen cabinets are great including:

·       They are simple

The top benefit of shaker kitchen cabinets is that they are very simple. They have a simple and elegant design that is very attractive. The minimalistic approach of this design is responsible for its simplicity. It means that you can install it very easily in your kitchen.

·       Timeless

If you are worried about this cabinetry style getting out of fashion, then you shouldn’t be because it is a timeless type. It has been around in America since the 1800s and has been finding significance in many homes. Therefore, you should not be worried about investing in another fashionable cabinetry type.

·       Easy to maintain

The simple design of the cabinets makes it very easy to maintain them. With just a few surfaces, you can easily wipe out any dust appearing. You need very minimal effort to clean the cabinets, which means you can do it daily without feeling it.

·       Affordable

One of the main reasons why shaker kitchen cabinets are popular is that they are very affordable. Many homeowners can afford to buy this cabinetry type. If you are working on a budget, there are no better options than shaker kitchen cabinets.

The Cons

  May not fit in your home

Their minimalistic approach makes them not fit in some large kitchens. This is a disadvantage affecting people with large kitchens. 

  Not high-end

People who are looking for high-end kitchen cabinets do not get their solution with shaker-style cabinets. If you are the kind who enjoy sophisticated cabinets, then you might have to look for more than shaker cabinets.

Final say:

The decision of whether or not to buy shaker kitchen cabinets should be influenced by your budget. If you are looking for an affordable option that is timeless, then this is the best option.

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