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Home inspection services Columbus

Home Inspection Service Columbus

Linkhorn group is best home inspection service Columbus has to offer and these are some of the reasons why:

In order to keep up with the highest levels of education, the inspectors that are a part of Linkhorn Inspection Group are required to complete the InterNACHI certification program which is a nationally recognized association and is the largest home inspection body in the world. The full form of InterNACHI is the National association of certified home inspectors. The fact that all of their inspectors are fulfilling this requirement means that they are practicing the standards and are not compromising at the quality at all. Linkhorn is a group which is a best choice for the residents of Columbus as their outstanding reputation regarding their services and reliability are the points that make them shine among others. The reports delivered by these certified inspectors are also matched to the standards of InterNACHI so that 100% quality deliverance is assured. Their inspectors are very friendly and encourage you to be present at the time of inspection so that they can familiarize you with your home. They make the whole structure known to you as they explain the whole process of the inspection and pinpoints the spots from where they will collect data and evidence to highlight a problem and then suggest you a suitable solution and if you are willing to do so, also make arrangements for the process to take place so the solutions are delivered adequately. Their inspectors are bound to strict code of ethics and provide important protections ensuring quality services. To ensure quality service, they make sure to work exclusively for the customer according to their comfort and make them realize that they and their opinion matters and no changes will be made to the home if they are not agreeing to it. They follow ASHI (American Safety and Health Institute) standards of practice and do not perform repairs on any home inspected. We believe in the highest standards of fairness, effectiveness and thoroughness and the owner of the house should expect the same for us. Our inspectors are especially trained to be familiar with all kinds of situations so that they can tackle them with complete expertise and explain the whole thing to the owner of the house as well. Their inspection reports are authentic and can easily stand up to critical examination. They continue to build their reputation by performing one inspection at a time by delivering quality services and 100% customer satisfaction. Not only just 100%, they claim to provide 200% customer satisfaction which means that if we are not satisfied at the end of the inspection, they will refund us the amount spent on the inspection and not only that, they will also pay for another home inspector of our choice who will perform another home inspection of your house and if he founds more than what we did. They back it up this means that they are actually very confident about the services they are providing and take pride in the expertise of their home inspectors. Their tag line is that “give us 5% of your confidence, and we will earn the other 95%” .

The major systems that the inquire during their services are:

  • Interior: Doors, Windows, Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Fireplace(s), Attic.
  • Grounds: Driveways, Sidewalks, Retaining Walls, Patio/Porches, Railings, Patio Cover, Fences & Gates.
  • Garage: Floor, Firewall/Ceiling, Ventilation, Walls, Electrical, Vehicle Door(s).
  • Plumbing: Main Line, Supply Lines, Waste/Drainage & Vent Systems, Fuel Storage & Distribution System.
  • Electrical: Service Drop, Conductors/Cables, Main Sub Panels & Components, Grounding, CFI & Over current Protection Devices.
  • Roof: Roof Covering, Roof Stairs, Exterior Walls, Trim/Flashing, Eaves/Fascia/Sofit, Gutters & Downspouts, Balconies/Decks.
  • Structural Systems: Foundation, Framing, Floor Construction, Slab, Basement.

After all of this, a homeowner must be sure that in Columbus property inspection can be done better than no one else.

What are you waiting for? Book an inspection with them today and experience the most reliable and satisfactory home inspection services from them. Their home inspector will come, visit your house, perform a preliminary inspection in order to deduce the data about places that need our urgent attention. Once those points are highlighted, inform the owner of the home about the condition and then make them comfortable regarding the process that is about to come. They place their equipment inside the house and take necessary samples of the problems that may appear disturbing for them. Once the samples are taken, they are sent to the lab in order to draw results of the suspicions that the inspector was having and after that a complete professional report will be provided to the homeowner.

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