April 23, 2021

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Aircon installation service

Know Why Your Aircon is Making those Irritating Noises

A noisy air conditioning is extremely annoying. There are often several reasons behind loud air conditioning. The noise from your AC may be a clear indication that something is wrong inside the unit that needs repair.

Ignoring the noise from the AC may worsen the matter to some extent where it can’t be fixed or where fixing it’ll be an upscale affair. So, look for the best aircon service in Singapore to fix your aircon at an affordable price.

Reasons behind a loud air conditioner:

Worn out compressor

The air conditioning compressor is nearly always noisy. If the compressor is making an unusual noise or is noisier than it wont to be, it’d be wiped out or wearing out. So if the compressor is more noisy than usual, it’s time you call the aircon repair Singapore.

Faulty Fan

There is one fan at the front and one fan at the buttocks in an air conditioning. For a lover to figure properly, it must be kept clean and frequently maintained. If the humming or rattling noise from the AC seems to be coming from the fan area, then the fan blades got to be checked.

Get rid of any debris you see on or over the aircon blades. In some cases, insulation or other items may fall under the unit and produce noise due to the movement of the blades. If the matter isn’t debris or dust, then check to ascertain if the blades themselves are loose.

If so, then blades got to be tightened. Sometimes the fan blades curve vaguely and touch the encompassing component of the unit and generate the noise.

Faulty fan motors or driver motor

If the air conditioning is noisy the fan motor, also called a dual shaft fan motor, may have been damaged. The fan motor has bearings that require to be permanently lubricated.

If your aircon is more than 10 years old, the lubrication may get damaged, making those horrible sounds. The fan motor is typically not repairable and must be replaced if making noises. Call an affordable aircon repair shop and learn about aircon servicing price in Singapore.

Defective motor belt or bearing

Sometimes you hear a screeching sound from your AC. This noise indicates a nasty belt or motor bearing problems. Belts aren’t normally an upscale repair. A defective motor belt may be a common reason behind loud air conditioning.

Common aircon issues

Like any machine that has moving parts, air conditioners need regular maintenance to provide efficient cooling. If the ACs aren’t taking care of properly, they tend to struggle to stay cool during peak summers.

Dirty Filters

A clogged filter will always restrict the graceful flow of air in any sort of air conditioning, whether it’s Window based or Split – even centralized or tower ACs.

This clogging causing reduction within the effective cooling capacity of the AC, causing it to run longer hours to chill a given area.

Clogged or dirty filters are bad when it involves AC efficiency.

Room Receiving Direct Sunlight

Well the entire purpose of an AC is to chill the space. It’ll still do so until the space gets cool enough to the set temperature on the AC.

But if your room is receiving direct sunlight and vulnerable to getting hot, it just makes the ACs job tougher.

It doesn’t mean the AC won’t cool or not work, but the warmth produced inside your room will make it desire your AC isn’t just cooling enough. Your AC will need to work much harder to chill the space now.

Leakage of Air from Room

If you’ve got checked the above two points but haven’t sealed your room so on maintain the cool air within the space, then the cool air will still flow to space that has lower atmospheric pressure. As a result, the surface hot air will still seep in.

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