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How can an Indian Student Get Scholarship to Study in UAE, Abu Dhabi?

How can an Indian Student Get a Scholarship to Study in UAE, Abu Dhabi?

UAE has emerged as one of the popular educational hubs across the globe catering to expatriates as well as localites. UAE has the highest number of international schools offering British and US curricula. The majority of the schools are situated in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There are various Indian International schools offering CBSE as well as international curriculum.

UAE offers few of the best scholarships for international students. International students can apply for scholarships spanning across various schools. International schools in UAE are well known for their teaching and learning experience and also for their commendable facilities and infrastructure.

The United Arab Emirates or UAE is the federation of the seven emirates along the eastern coast of Arabian Peninsula. Abu Dhabi is the largest of the emirates and is the capital city of UAE. Abu Dhabi caters to various international and local schools operated under the Abu Dhabi Education Council and United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education. The emirates have the right to free education which is compulsory between the age group of 5-18.

Abu Dhabi houses around 230 private schools with many schools of Indian origin. A few of the schools are:

·         Global Indian International School

.       International Indian School

·         Indian School

·         Ryan International School

·         Grace Valley Indian School

·         GEMS United Indian School

·         Dunes International School

·         Asian International Private School

·         Abu Dhabi Indian School

Most of the Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi offer high standards of education catering to the all-round development of the students. Amongst the indian school in abu dhabi, Global Indian International School is well known for its curricula as well as its facilities.

Global Indian International School

Global Indian International School or GIIS is located in the heart of the city Abu Dhabi amongst the serenity of nature at a convenient location. GIIS is among the leading Indian schools in Abu Dhabi offering one of its kind curriculum, combined with the latest technologies and innovation preparing future citizens for the dynamic environment.

GIIS has won more than 100 national as well as international awards and is proud to have the highest number of achievers on CBSE and IGCSE boards. Students get the privilege to study with a global community through student exchange programs. Through its exclusive teaching framework like the 9 GEMS holistic learning it balances academics with the overall skill development of a child, nurturing the emotional and life skills of the child.

GIIS offers few excellent scholarships to international students that help them to hone their inner skills and excel in academics conveniently. These scholarships are offered to meritorious students based on their performances and capabilities.

GIIS Super Star Scholarship is offered to students of the 11th and 12th standards for them to achieve excellence in academics and get into reputable universities for a better future.

The Global Citizen Scholarship provides a platform for an excellent learning experience. This scholarship is offered exclusively for international students and not for the residents of UAE.

The Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship is offered to the citizens of UAE and is given to distinguished and meritorious students providing them an opportunity to get into well known universities of their choice.

The 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship is a unique scholarship that is given based on the achievements of the children in the 9GEMS skills which includes; Sports, Music, Dance, Instrumental Music, Martial Arts, Literary Competitions, Drawing and STEM.

Criteria for getting into these scholarships are:

·         Students must have excellent academic records

·         Students need to have won international or national recognition or displayed excellence in the 9 GEMS skills

·         Students must possess their valid ID proof and visa copies.

Scholarship process:

·         The parent of the student needs to submit the application form

·         Required documents like academic records, visa copies and ID proof must be duly attached

·         Selected students need to go through an assessment

·         Then the final selected students need to attend a scholarship test or an interview.

·         Selected students will be intimated through mail and have to sign the scholarship deed.

Studying in international schools is a dream for any student, but getting into the right school is very important. Parents need to wear their research caps to select from the top international schools by checking on their curriculum and what are the scholarships available for international students. Based on this check the requirements of the scholarships and what category does your child belong to too. Understand the required documentation and make the necessary arrangements prior to filling the application. Meticulously fill out the application as incomplete forms will be outrightly rejected.

Hope this blog has provided the necessary information on the available scholarships for international students applying in UAE.

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