January 21, 2021

Fun Uploads

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Since the inclusion of the new design of the YouTube channel “One Channel”, one of the most exciting options that can help us attract subscribers is the inclusion of a YouTube Trailer for unsubscribed users is triggered in Autoplay. As is logical, the mission of this is to persuade the viewer that we are a powerful option in the sector they are looking for and for this we must follow some important premises to captivate them:

  • Never exceed 1´30´in videos.
  • It is not about making a video for commercial televisions. Make no mistake. This is about something else.
  • Know your audience before launching
  • Find out what their needs are.
  • It solves their problems, and it is what we are all looking for.
  • Finish by proposing the next step.

Tips for writing your trailer script

  1. Start by capturing the attention of your audience. Ask a question or statement about the main problem your clients have with your specialty.
  2. Introduce yourself briefly. Tell the viewers who you are, what you do, where they can find you and how you can help them with that problem.
  3. Explain what type of videos you are going to share on your channel, what your audience can achieve by watching your videos and what day or how often you post new videos.
  4. End with a call to action to motivate your visitors to subscribe to your channel.
  5. Also, take the opportunity to ask them to comment on the video with questions about your specialty or what type of content they would like you to create.

What structure can I use to create your YouTube trailer?

Based on the structure of the elevator pitch, we can do something like this:

  • Clarity: Briefly explain who we are and what our value proposition is.
  • Credibility: Explain your experience in the sector.
  • Problem: Highlight which are the most significant drawbacks of your current clients.
  • Desire or dream to achieve: Where do you want to go with your collaboration.
  • Obstacles: List the difficulties that you may encounter along the way.
  • Methodology: Finally, explain why you are the best option and how you are going to solve it.

How to make a trailer for YouTube easily?

An easy way to make an attractive trailer is to include text, photos, and videos. FlexClip video maker is a web application to create trailers. With its preset templates for all categories, you can make an attractive trailer.

FlexClip creates the storyboard for you with the plans, the texts, and the music in the trailer. You will only have to insert your photos or videos in the programs and change the texts for yours.

You can also create a presentation for an event or your products or services. You could even make a summary of your vacation to share on your social networks.

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