January 21, 2021

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OgyMogy Spyware For Tablets, Digital Solution For All Employee’s Problems

The use of spyware is a renowned way nowadays to monitor employee’s work productivity in different organizations. Due to recent events, most of the organizations have cut short the staff present at the office to a minimum. This is the one way to responsibly play your role in preventing this disease which has engulfed the whole lot of 2020. For the employees working from home and the employees present at the workplace, a monitoring app can be a helping hand for all of the employers to keep a strict eye on them. It is best for both the work from home employees as well as others. One of the best monitoring software the OgyMogy offers spyware for tablet features to keep eye on the employee’s activities.

The use of a spy app commonly known as monitoring software was considered a bit weird in the past but now it is all good. A spy app can help the employee to know about their personal goal set and their achievement rate. It helps the employees to check their productivity. Moreover, employers can use different features to check the individual performance which can help them in better performance appraisal and promotions of the employees. Thus stop making use of a  monitoring or spy app by the employers as something hideous and look on the bright side as well. They are useful in so many ways.

Real-Time Monitoring:

Whether the employees are working from home or at the workplace, OgyMogy keeps you updated about every move. Make sure they are sincerely committed to the assigned work and with real-time monitoring of their screen. The official gadget can now be monitored at any time with the screen recording feature of the OgyMogy to know about the screen activities.

Movement Alert:

In case you don’t want your employees to take work from home practice like a holiday, you need to be updated about their location.OgyMogy provides you with real-time whereabouts alerts with a GPS tracking feature.

Call Record Check:

OgyMogy offers a call recording feature that allows the user to have remote access to the incoming and outgoing call record history of the target person. The basic benefit of this feature is that it records all the information with a complete time stamp. If any employee is wasting an important working hour on long calls then OgyMogy will report you about that.

Make Internet Usage in Working Hours A Work Only Zone:

The Internet can be helpful in so many ways to work relating tasks. But at the same time, it is the hub of all the diversion. Keep your employee on right track by filtering any useless or entertainment site during official hours.OgyMogy offers a web filtering feature that allows the user to block a website that is not work-related or can distract the employees.

Another useful feature regarding the monitoring of internet usage is the track internet browsing history feature of the OgyMogy.You can check all the websites visited by the respective employee to know about the internet usage of the target of the day. Any entertaining or non-work-related website visit will be pop out right away by using the track browsing history feature.

Protect the Company’s Secrets :

Ideas and secrets of any organization must be protected by the employees at any cost. This is the sign of a loyal employee.OgyMogy is a complete package in terms of employee monitoring as it can help to catch any spy in the organization. The keylogging feature of the OgyMogy spy app records every keystroke applied to the target device. Thus check all the email records, sent and received, contact details with attachment history. Make sure no employee share any kind of confidential information with outsiders in any form.

OgyMogy spyware for tablet feature can be used to keep an eye on the teenagers as well. Thus it is a useful feature for the parents who are worried sick by the excessive use of smart gadgets by the kids. Other versions offered by the OgyMogy include Mac and Windows spy app version and android version, which can be used to monitor the employees and teenagers through the laptop and smartphones. Keep up your monitoring system game and know about the activities of the teenagers and employees through the gadgets.

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