January 21, 2021

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Why Choose a CBSE Curriculum School in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates offers plenty of top schools. From the Indian CBSE to the British IGCSE to the American curriculum, you can choose the best for your child. The International Baccalaureate program is also a popular choice in Dubai. 

So, why choose the Central Board of Secondary Education curriculum in particular?

Well, that choice may come down to several crucial aspects.

This 5-minute read will highlight five of those.   

  1. The CBSE Evolves with Global Academic Needs

Through the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), the Union Government of India formulated the CBSE to serve the educational needs of the modern world.

More importantly, the curriculum has evolved in several noticeable ways to help students achieve that goal. 

Take one of the most recent changes best CBSE schools in Dubai have made. 

They introduced new question papers for Grade XII exams in 2020. The goal is to help students focus more on comprehensive skills instead of rote learning.

The change will bring a student-friendly approach that includes multiple-choice questions, case studies, and analytical focus.  

  1. CBSE Offers a More In-Depth Learning Experience 

The curriculum also takes a deeper dive into math and the sciences, two of the most in-demand subjects in the modern world. 

Yet, it avoids overwhelming students with tons of learning material compared to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education approach (ICSE).

Still, a handful of top Dubai CBSE schools offer a hybrid curriculum. Their goal is usually to help solve some CBSE curriculum cons. 

Take one critical point of the CBSE approach, for example. 

While the curriculum takes a scientific approach to teaching, some circles believe it puts too much weight on passing exams instead of hands-on problem-solving. 

Contrary, a thorough hybrid CBSE approach maintains a practical, holistic approach to learning to solve that issue.     

  1. The CBSE Curriculum Offers More Structure, Too 

Some curricula, such as the American curriculum, prefer to give children an amorphous approach to learn. 

The unstructured approach leads children to learn general material without a particular focus. 

That may make it hard for the students to transition into a more in-depth mode of studying at an international school or college that uses a different learning approach.

And that’s probably one reason American ex-pats prefer the International Baccalaureate curriculum instead.     

Speaking of transitions…

  1. Choosing the CBSE will Help You Transition Without Hassles 

Suppose you foresee yourself moving to India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and even Japan. In that case, you’ll have top CBSE schools to transition your child to.

You can then make the move with confidence, knowing you w

Don’t struggle through the curriculum changes you and your child would otherwise face. 

But what if you don’t see yourself relocating to those countries and still want your child to learn through the CBSE’s holistic approach?

The best CBSE schools in Dubai will have an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program you can enquire about.

The IB program is suitable for families that see themselves moving in and out of several countries soon.   

  1. It Provides the Best of India’s International Education

If you are an Indian working in the Emirate of Dubai, the CBSE provides the national curriculum away from home. 

That may help ease your child’s transition to an international Indian school when you choose to make the move back home. 

But there’s more.

You do not have to settle for any cons of the CBSE curriculum that you may have noticed back at home. 

One leading CBSE school in the UAE offers a 9 GEMS approach to teaching, helping students acquire the holistic education they need to create bright futures now. 

That approach is superior to the regular CBSE back home. So it can help ready your son or daughter take advantage of international schooling and career opportunities that may come up elsewhere in the world.

To Sum Up

The CBSE offers a structured, challenging, and simple-to-follow curriculum. 

You are also likely to find a top Indian International school in Dubai for your needs. There are over 70 options you can go through. 

No school offers a similar approach to teaching the CBSE. 

Some do not have the right endorsements by the NCERT to start with. 

So, when picking the best learning institution for your child in the Emirates, you’ll want to consider that too.

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