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Best Wishes SMS

Best Wishes - Best Wishes SMS Collection


Best Wishes sms
Every second god remembers you,
every minutes god bless you,
every hours god take care for you,
bcoz every day I pray to god for you..

Best Wishes sms message
The HOPE, The STRUGGLE and The HARD WORK towards a goal/ success is part of the rewards. Achieving goal itself is not the whole reward........ BEST WISHES

Best Wishes Message
Rain of summer, snow of winter, grace of autumn, glory of spring, May beauty of every season give ur heart a beautiful reason 2 smile. May God give u success in every exam of ur life.

Best wishes poem/poetry
Stealing the blue from the splashing seas,
A tinge of green from the youthful trees,
A bit of orange from the sunset hues,
With crystal white from the morning dews,
I have framed a bright and colourful wish
Just for you.. good luck and best wishes twice

Wish you a great week
I Wish 4 "U"
Great start 4 Monday
No Obstacles 4 Tuesday
No stress 4 Wednesday
No worry 4 Thursday
Smile 4 Friday
Party 4 Saturday
& Great fun 4 Sunday
"Have a beautiful and smart week."

My wishes 4 you everyday
Happiness as light as air.
Friends as solid as diamonds and
success as bright as gold.
These r my wishes 4 u today n everyday...

Best of luck
Luck is yours wishes are mine
let's ur future be always shine.
Best of Luck

Best wishes sms
never say u r happy when u r sad..
never say u r fine when u r not ok..
never say u feel good when u feel bad,..
never say u r alone when i m still alive...
good luck and best wishes for ever............

Short sms about blessings
God's blessing may come as a surprise, and how much u recieve, depends on how much, ur heart can believe.may u be blessed beyond wat u expect

Best Wishes For WhatsApp Messages

Blessed day Wish
Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow,
Sometimes we must fail in order to know,
Sometimes we must lose in order to gain
Because some lessons in life are best learned through pain.
Have a blessed day!

Blessed Wishes for exam
To accomplish great things,
We must not only act, But also dream,
Not only plan but also believe,
Best wishes for your exam.

God Bless You Sms
May ur heart b happy & ur days b bright..
may ur roads b smooth & ur burdens be light
may u find the dreams & touch the star
and never forget how special u r!!!!

Best wishes for your life
Past is experience, Present is experiment. Future is expectation!!!
Use ur experience in your experiments to get your expectations..
** Wish u a happy life**

Wish you blessings from Allah

Wish you blessings from Allah
When u face problems in life, don't ask GOD to take them away.
Ask Him to show His purpose- Ask ways how to live a day searching his purpose for you.

Best wishes for ever
May Allah grant u a sun beam to warm u,
moon beam to charm u,
an angel so no one can harm u, smile now
wish u best of luck.i m not there but my preayers are with u.
Good luck& best wishes for ever.....

Short Best Wishes SMS

Wishing you all the best for the new phase of your life. We are sure that you will succeed and make us proud as always!

All the best to you for reaching towards your goal and making your dreams come true. You are always in my good thoughts!

Best wishes for the challenges you are to face, for the roads you have to take and for the decisions you have to make. Good luck!

You have always been a sincere and responsible person, and you have always achieved your goals. Good luck for the future ones!

May your life be full of happiness, success, and love and may sorrow never enter your home. Sending my best wishes to you!

Wishing very good luck to you and your family. May you all be showered with love and happiness and overcome all the obstacles together!

If you are working hard and staying true to yourself, you will see the result of your efforts in no time. Best wishes for success and prosperity!

Don’t be disheartened by failures cause success is waiting for you. Sending good thoughts and wishes your way! All the best for a successful life!

All the best for all your future endeavors! Hoping that your hard work always brings out the best results for you. Keep shining in the future too!

Accept my good wishes and sincere prayers for your bright future! I am sure that the future has so many things to offer you. Good luck!

Best Wishes For Success

Life is made up of ups and downs, smiles and sorrows. But I wish that you will receive nothing but happiness in this new phase of your life!

You have struggled your way through the top and you deserve to be happy now! Sending best wishes for a better life on your way!

We know how important this competition is for you. We wish you all the best for this one! I am sure you will make us proud!

Wishing you all the success for this competition! Just have faith in yourself because we believe in you too. Go break a leg!

You did a great job at taking perfect preparation for your upcoming exam. Now do not stress much and relax! All the very best for your exam!

Best wishes for your upcoming exams! No need to be nervous at all. I am sure you will nail all the subjects and ace in your class.

My heartfelt wishes are with you and your health! Hope you will be able to take good care of yourself and will not fall sick again.

Now that you are starting a new life, I wish you all the success and good health along the way. Take care and stay warm!

Heartfelt Best Wishes

I am so happy to learn about the new job offer you have got! I am sure you will do amazing work there. Best of luck for your future life!

Wishing you the very best for your new job! I always knew that you are the best one in your field. Good luck for the upcoming endeavors!

We are so glad to hear about your recent achievement. You have always been an extraordinary one among us. Our best wishes are always with you!

Wishing you all the best on your latest success! May you keep succeeding in life like this. Many more victories to come your way! Make us proud!

Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had a wonderful day and hope you will have an amazing year ahead as well. My best wishes are with you!

Your birthday is a very special day for me. On this occasion, I wish you happiness and prosperity for your future life. Many happy returns of the day!

We wish you all the best on this very special day of your life. Hope your new journey will be full of love, happiness, success, and prosperity!

New Best Wishes Blessings

Today you are taking a big step towards your new life and we could not be happier for you. Our heartfelt wishes are with you and your family!

I pray for a happy, healthy and prosperous life for you. May God always bless you and help you when you need. Good luck with the future!

Wishing you nothing but love, happiness, and success for your new life. Hope you will be able to achieve great things. May God bless you!

My dearest, I am so proud of how far you have come on your own. I wish you all the success and happiness for your future life!

Dear friend, my best wishes and love are always with you. You can always count on me for anything. Hope you have a great life ahead!

Best Wishes Quotes 2021

“May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.” – George Carlin

“Luck is yours, wishes are mine Let’s your future be always shine. Best of Luck.” – Ralph Chaplin

“Best wishes to you as you progress from one stage in life to another.” – Rajesh Mankar

Best Wishes Text Messages

“Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens.” – Tony DeLiso

“Best wishes for a great marathon. Be sure to savor it. The first marathon is something special. Run long and healthy.” – Amby Burfoot

“I am glad to hear that you are starting your own business after the excellent work experience. My Good Wishes are always with you…” – Ralph Chaplin

“As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. I will always keep falling in love with you.” – Karen Clodfelder

“A little smile, a word of cheer, A bit of love from someone near, A little gift from one held dear, Best wishes for the coming year. These make a merry Christmas!” – John Greenleaf Whittier

“Here is the best wish for the new year: Let there be more freedom of thought throughout the world! Fields need rain; truths need freedom of thought!” – Mehmet Murat ildan

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